Why many people prefer leather to fabric for their lounges

Most homeowners and interior designers have faced the dilemma of choosing between leather and fabric for their lounges. A sofa is a long-term investment therefore, it’s important to get the right one. Both leather and fabric seats have their own pros and cons, but a choice always has to be made. Many people have their own personal preferences while others are limited by their budget. However, leather is a more popular choice than fabric. People seem to prefer leather to fabric for their lounges and the reason lies in the advantages of leather. Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy from having leather in your lounge.


Low maintenance

Leather seats are very easy to clean. They only require light dusting and vacuuming. Leather polishing products are also used to clean the material, but a soft rug and some water do the trick. Moreover, leather seats have a longer lifespan than fabric seats. Although leather is more vulnerable to scratches and humidity than fabric, it still has more resistance. Fabric is generally more susceptible to wear and tear. Even the high-quality fabric with a stain resistant finish still comes second to leather. If you have pets the choice between fabric and leather narrows down to either dealing with fur stuck on your torn fabric or scratch marks on your leather seat.



When it comes to sofas, what you see is what you get. Fabric sofas have the advantage of coming in many hues and designs. The colour options for fabric sofas are numerous. They add a contemporary vibe to a living space and they come in solid colours. However, leather sofas are sleek and timeless. They have a classic design and their presence in a room alludes to elegance. It’s not a surprise that leather is the preferred material for sofas in executive suites and fancy hotel lounges. Although the colour options are limited, leather sofas blend with any interior design. Moreover, the design of the sofas is versatile and can range from a rustic build to an ultra-modern design.



Sofas harbour a lot of allergens. From fur to pollen, everything can be found on sofas. However, leather sofas are very hypoallergenic making them ideal for individuals with allergies. Fabric accumulates dust mites, pollen, pets’ dander and other allergens. These items get entangled in the fibres of the fabric and are hard to remove. Professional cleaning has to be done to get rid of the allergens and it has to be carried out regularly. On the other hand, leather doesn’t accumulate allergens and a simple wipe is enough to get rid of any allergen that makes its way to the seat.



Fabric offers a lot of colour options and patterns that can blend seamlessly with any interior design. However, the colours don’t last for long. They tend to fade out very quickly and the result is an eyesore. The reason behind this ranges from excessive use and frequent washing to aging. On the other hand, leather has a timeless look. The colour palette on the sofas lasts longer but it comes with a slight sheen. If you don’t mind the sheen, then you can enjoy the timeless look of your leather sofa.



The cost of a sofa is an important consideration before opting for one. Fabric sofas are a lot more pocket-friendly than leather sofas. Making leather sofas requires a lot of skills and expertise. Moreover, leather is an expensive material. Fabric sofas, on the other hand, are produced cheaply. Evena high-end fabric sofa costs less than a leather sofa with the same design. However, the purchasing cost is not the only consideration worth looking into. As a long-term investment, leather sofas are cheaper than fabric sofas. The maintenance cost of fabric is high, and the sofas have a short lifespan. Leather sofas have a low maintenance cost and they last for years.


Other considerations

Sometimes the choice between leather and fabric for your sofa boils down to personal preference. Some people love leather because they can deal with the cons that come with it. Leather tends to pick up the temperature of the surroundings. On a cold day, the sofa will be cold while on a hot day it will be uncomfortably hot. However, simply adding a small blanket on the sofa on a cold day and keeping it away from direct sunlight on a hot day solves the problem.

Most people prefer leather for their lounges. The sofas come with numerous advantages and the pros outweigh the cons. Although getting leather sofas means digging a little deeper into your pocket, the investment is worth every penny. The next time you are shopping for a sofa for your lounge, go for leather. There is so much to enjoy from a leather sofa.


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