Why Demand for Fuso Truck Parts is Increasing

If you’re a truck driver, you probably didn’t decide the brand of truck you work in. That came from higher up – your boss or fleet manager. They make their choices based on multiple factors, like roadworthiness, convenience, awards, reviews, peer influence, or common routes. Increasingly, the brand seems to be Fuso, and the tagline has to at least have something to do with it. How can you not love a brand with ‘the Soul of a Sumo’? Still, there are reasons why Fuso parts – and their accompanying trucks – are in higher demand.

Before you buy Fuso spare parts, you need a Fuso vehicle. And part of why there are so many of them around is they’re easy to get, based on a variety of factors. One, there are more than forty authorised Fuso dealerships scattered around Australia. They stretch from Darwin to Hobart, from Bunbury to Rockhampton, and you can order a heavy vehicle as well as parts at affordable prices. If – for some reason – you want to import a Fuso on your own, Japan is certainly closer than the homes of Mercedes, Caterpillar, or Volvo.


Shopping opportunities

There’s a vibrant used trucks market if you’re not keen on something new (or if your budget doesn’t allow it.) With all these truck-buying options, it makes sense we want more parts. As a consequence of all the Fusos around, mechanics are developing expertise in the brand, so it’s simple to find assistance, either from the dealership or at your friendly neighbourhood garage. Plus, Fuso has vehicles available in heavy, light, and medium duty, buses too. And since they’re official dealerships, you can access the latest models.

For those among us that are showroom-oriented, Fuso makes itself the natural brand of choice. Aside from convenient access to ‘truck stores’ across the nation, they offer frequent deals and promotions. At the moment, you can get 3 years of free service if you buy a new canter. You can also get a 5-year warranty on your bus or truck. Fuso has nearly 15 ranges of canters, fighters, large trucks, and buses. Each range has multiple models, so you’re sure to find what you need. This versatility gives it a wider market share and creates a hunger for spares. The purchasing process is easy too, because Fuso offers friendly financing options.


Sweet deals

They have a dedicated division, Fuso Finance, which covers insurance and purchase options arranged on behalf of customers. They’ll review your economic stats and can help you get a truck or bus loan up to $200,000 (terms and conditions apply). The criteria for the Fast Track Finance programme is reasonable and includes, for example, owning property, being an employer for three years (at the same venture), or clean credit. They also have a programme called Fuso Agility where you can trade in your truck, keep it and re-finance for a new one, or return it and switch to another brand. Naturally, terms and conditions apply.

With so many Fuso vehicles around, truck parts will never be an issue, and this is a huge deciding factor. Even outside the trucking industry, there are stories of people obtaining gorgeous cars, driving them for a few months, then retiring them to the garage because they couldn’t find a replacement part. They can’t even sell it because that’s the first question any smart driver would ask. And so in this sense, the ease of obtaining spares makes people purchase more Fusos, which raises the market for spares, and that in turn affects supply. Plus, with options to lease and loan trucks as a business, the numbers can only go up.


Accessible spares

Fuso buses are pretty popular too, especially for tour vans and school buses. Their Rosa bus has been voted best in class for the past dozen years. The stat is based on sales volumes, so there’s a logically high number of orders for Fuso bus parts. School buses are in high rotation, so they require spares quite often. Fuso parts can be sought in aftermarket circles or purchased directly from your neighbourhood dealer. This way, you get a one year parts guarantee, which stretches to two months if the dealer installs the parts for you.

This Fuso guarantee is based on calendar months, not kilometres, so it’s unlimited in terms of distance covered within the warranty period. The guarantee is pretty thorough. If one their genuine parts does fail, they’ll cover replacement of the damaged part and any related vehicle part that may be tangentially compromised. It covers labour too, if your mechanic is based at their dealership. In this sense, it pays to buy Fuso, whether it’s a bus, a truck, or spares.


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