The most popular lounges this season

You’ll probably spend a lot of time indoors this winter, and you’re sure to get really familiar with your furniture. So if there are any pieces you dance around or avoid looking at, you’d better get rid of them before winter madness and cabin fever makes you toss them through the window. Besides some bright new pieces might be just the thing to lighten up the dreary weather. You could pick something colourfully cosy or go for mirrored metallics.

Think about the design theme you’d like. It could be a minimalist contemporary look, with lots of clean lines and glossy surfaces that brighten the room, reflecting both natural and artificial light. Consider new light fixtures to bring out the best in these industrial designs. Or you could pick something more conventional, with lots of cushions and frills. If you look in the right places, you may even spot a mix of both.


Musical chair

If you’re looking for something a little different, try the one-seater Mendelsohn Modern Accent lounge. It has no relation to Mendelssohn – the romantic era composer known for pieces like the wedding march. That’s the one they play in movies as the couple runs out of the church, dashing into confetti and their happily-ever-after. This lounge is equally dramatic, with its sculptural design looking more like art than furniture.

It has curious curves and arches that are as interesting to watch as they are to sit in, supporting your back and legs as you recline after a long day. The Mendelsohn comes in teal, purple, and yellow options. It’s comfortably padded, upholstered in soft wool, and has three tiny pin-head chrome feet. It adds style, luxury, and cosy warmth to your home.


Twirling leather

Most people assume leather lounges are dark and officious, but they can actually be quite playful. Consider this cappuccino-coloured Global Furniture Relax Chaise. It’s angled just right for an afternoon nap or beer and a book. The seat curves with your body, and its curiously coiled mahogany arm rests are playful, comfortable, and easy to maintain.

The seat cushions are tufted in bonded leather, and the cappuccino shade blends beautifully with the reddish brown of the lounge’s arms and feet. Since it’s leather, it’s breathable so it won’t get damp or musty in the low temperatures of winter. It has a padded accent pillow for added style and comfort, and gives your living room an outdoorsy feel. It would work just as well on a balcony or patio, though a shaded area would be best to avoid sun or pool damage.


Go go gadget lounge!

If you’re interested in tech or if you just want to buy something cool and multi-functional, you could consider buying a Brio lounge. Its reddish brown fabric could pass for suede from a distance, giving you that close-to-leather elegance while still offering the comfort of a conventionally cushy couch. It’s the add-on features that make it gadgety.

You can decide to buy a standard Brio with its stylish metal feet, padded cushions, and convenient L-shaped design, or you could go all out and buy the deluxe version. It has optional storage beneath one of the seats, which can be raised to expose a large hollow drawer. The other side if the seat can fold out into a size-able bed.


Cute and quirky

If your sense of design (and humour) verges on the eccentric, you might look into the Rosebud Leisure lounge. It’s on the smaller side, so you’d have to buy two or three, and it comes in striking colours like fuchsia, yellow, and red. The lounge has an unusual shape, so your guests may be unsure of exactly how they’re expected to sit, which can make for some awkward entertaining moments, pun intended.

Still, despite the cognitive confusion it might cause, its convex curvature hugs your body when you sit on it, so it’s quite comfortable. It’s a low-slung seat though, and its compact dimensions are suitable for small spaces. Its bright colours and cool curves are set against glossy metallic pin-head feet. Its overall effect is contemporary and eccentric, so it adds an artsy touch to your home.


Versatile Italian

Of course you don’t have to go with colour. You might consider other options. The matte black Ester lounge may not seem like the smartest purchase for a dreary winter, but its multiple iterations make it worth looking into. You can buy it as a single-seater armchair, two-person love-seat, one-sided divan, or a rounded lounge set. Rather than an L-shape, it has a gentle curve that makes it far more cosy, and its available in pure leather or soft fabric.

Ester has a recliner that can either be manual or electric, depending on your purchasing preference. It has a high backrest that doubles as a headrest, so it offers maximal lumbar support whether you’re sitting up or lying down. If you go direct to the manufacturer or importer, you can even order a three-seater Ester with an automated fold-out bed.


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