Tips for choosing the right board size in timber flooring

Having selected engineered timber flooring for your new home, you’ll soon find out that patina is not the only decision you have to make as the format of floorboards will contribute to the look and feel of your interior. When choosing the perfect timber flooring, there are many factors to consider. Keeping in mind all the wooden floors you may have come across, with all their patterns, colours, finishes and different floorboard size you probably know that the dimension of board width can have a huge impact on the appearance of an entire home.

Depending on the board size and pattern, flooring can make a room look busy, smaller or enhance its size.

Large rooms at timers can be hard to decorate whether you choose narrow or wide planks for flooring. When it comes to the width, using a wide board format will give an area the feeling of ultimate spaciousness. Due to this fact, wide boards are often used in a contemporary living or larger rustic homes with open-plan areas and wide Massivo (360-400mm wide) boards. Wide engineered floorboards come in lengths of 360mm to 400mm and a length of 5 meters. If you go with a light colour with a glossy finish, the room will appear even larger as the boards and colour will bring out the natural light of the room. Bringing a calming beauty to a home

To add character to a large area and make the room unique, a neat idea would be to mix wide and narrow floorboards as an interesting feature. When paired with different colours in floorboards, a large room will experience a nice contrast and depth that brings personality to a large living space.

To bring a small room to life, opt for narrow floorboards that stand for a more linear look than their wider counterpart. The boards are easy on the eye and can even create the feel of more space in small rooms especially when installing perpendicular to the long side of a narrow room, which will widen it up. Standard width boards such as Piccolo and Grande (189-220mm wide) are often used in bedrooms to help the space appear larger.

When narrow floorboards are laid parallel to the walls they can create a lengthening effect. At the same time, be aware that narrow boards will result in more joints that might make the room look busier than intended.

Depending on the layout of your home, it is sometimes wise to vary board sizes from room to room for an overall elegant and amicable look. Add small details to you timber flooring and give the entrance more character, by adding a chevron pattern to the area. With the use of engineered flooring, interior design can make a bold statement, all you have to do is use your imagination and have a timber flooring expert at hand. The only rule you should always keep in mind when planning your flooring is to choose a board size according to the proportions of the room. If you are afraid to get the proportions right, ask your flooring company for advice.


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