What are the advantages of engineered Wood Flooring?

Who wouldn’t want a floor that looks exactly like genuine solid wood but costs less, is easier to install, and provides excellent durability, stability and maintenance? It’s the complete package! Engineered wood flooring is one example of how far we’ve come to make out construction process easier, stronger, and more attractive.

Let’s check out the advantages of engineered hardwood flooring.


Looks like Genuine Hardwood

The best thing about engineered wood flooring lies in its absolute similarity in appearance to solid wood. You cannot tell the difference between these two, no matter how much of an expert you are.

People are choosing engineered wood flooring due to its beautiful appearance and many other benefits that are further discussed below.


Provides High Quality Stability and Durability

Engineered hardwood flooring can be used in domestic and commercial use alike. It can withstand heavy footfall due to its layers upon layers of plywood topped off with lamination. It is one of the most stable and durable flooring options.


Doesn’t React to Moisture Like Solid Wood

Solid wood expands and contracts due to the weather changes. It also reacts to moisture levels and may cause damage, breakage, and tearing off of the flooring. Engineered wood flooring is prone to damage caused by weather changes and moisture level fluctuation.

It is cleverly constructed to go well in risky areas such the kitchen or bathroom. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of engineered wood as people are looking for sturdy construction options that offer long term benefits.


Convenient Maintenance

You can easily maintain engineered wood flooring. The cleaning process is a no-sweat, easy breezy activity. You can also re-finish the floor to give it a complete change of look if you want to renovate your living space.


Wide Proportions

Engineered wood is made of plywood and is available is wide proportions as compared to solid wood tree. It would be impossible to find a tree wide enough to make huge tiles of flooring. Thus, with engineered wood, you have fewer joints across your floor.


Variety of Finishing, Lamination, and Lacquer

There is a variety of lamination, top layer, and lacquer available to choose from. There is a difference in the cost of each from medium to high quality. You can change the top layer over time when you decide to re-design your house.


Easy Installation

Even a beginner level constructor can install engineered wood within no time. Its wide proportions offer less joints and less time for installation. There are many options available for DIY too!



High quality engineered wood still costs less than solid wood while providing the same look. The installation cost is significantly smaller too. In the long term, you will also save money on its easy and economical maintenance.

This ends our list of benefits of engineered wood flooring. Overall, it’s an excellent choice of flooring for people who want high quality and attractive appearance without breaking the bank.


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