If you are renovating, you should keep marble in your mind

When it comes to elegant house finishing, marble cannot fail to make it to the list. Marble is one of the oldest and most beautiful stones available on the market. It’s a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to intense pressure. Ancient Rome and Greece were the first civilisations to use marble in huge construction. They made a variety of structures ranging from hand-held sculptures to massive pillars. Despite the long history of marble, it remains one of the most beautiful natural stone fitting for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The addition of marble in your home is enough to revamp your home completely.


Bathroom applications

The rule of more equals better, doesn’t apply when it comes to interior fittings. Many designers make the mistake of cladding a bathroom with marble from the floor to the walls. The installation is expensive but often falls short of the desired effect. Unfortunately, the final result is overwhelming. One can get temporarily disoriented just by walking into the room. The solution to a beautifully styled bathroom is the limited use of natural stone. Marble can be used to clad the bathtub. As a result, the bath becomes a feature of the space instead of a part of an overwhelming marble themed bathroom.

Although, cladding your whole bathroom in marble is discouraged, there is a way to do it right. By using contrasting designs, you can add character to your floor or walls. Contrast adds depth and visual relief in a design that would have been overwhelming. Dark and striking marble paired with a soft, pale and lightly veined marble make for a beautiful interior when the correct colours are used.

Marble has innumerable applications in the bathroom. However, designers often stick to walls and floors. Marble also makes beautiful bath stands. It provides an attractive well-defined separation of the bath from all other items in the bathroom. Plenty of non-slip accessories can be added to marble bath stands to protect bathers. Making its application both practical and elegant.


Kitchen applications

The kitchen countertop is a good place to use marble. The application completely revamps the look in your kitchen space and adds character to the design. Marble offers an excellent surface to knead dough and roll out the pastry, and the cold temperature from the marble surface makes the work easier. Although marble surfaces are a good working space, chopping and slicing items on it are not recommended, always use a chopping board to protect it from damage from sharp items.

Most interior designers prefer granite to marble when it comes to countertops. This is because marble is soft and easily stains. However, a good sealer protects your marble countertop and reduces the risk of permanent damage. When it comes to honed vs polished marble, the debate is endless. Honed marble is more forgiving as regards scratching and etching. However, it’s less forgiving when it comes to stains. Since the pores of the stone are open, stains are easily absorbed into honed marble.


Marble fireplaces

The application of marble is not limited to the kitchen and bathroom. Marble is a material for any room in the house. Its sleek, modern and attractive design make it a valuable fitting. Many interior designers have come up with classic, unique designs by using marble in unconventional areas of the house. A marble fireplace sounds absurd but cladding the fireplace arch with marble makes for a striking fitting.


Other applications

You don’t need a major renovation to include marble in your home. The marble trend can be expressed through signature accessories like display pieces, chopping boards and vases. Although the application is minimal, the impact is often big enough. If you are considering renovating your house, remember that anything with marble is certain to look good. Give your home the elegant look it deserves with marble installations.


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