The different effects from different sizes of tiles

Tiles are everywhere. They are a popular addition in modern architecture and have become centre-pieces for many residential and business premises. Tiles are an interior and exterior design element whose value cannot be understated. They have been in used in construction for many years, and their ever-potent presence began to take shape in the ancient times. Tiles were used as one of the most significant conduits of beauty, culture and functionality in the architecture of ancient times and they have maintained that same importance in design of structures and spaces.


Types of tiles

The types of tiles range widely from ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, to marble tiles. Tiles are generally used to clad the elements of a building including the roof, walls, floor and any additional fixtures where they are necessary for example, kitchen counters. Needless to say, different tiles have different appearances, applications and costs due to the underlying physical properties in the materials which make up the tiles. It is thus up to the designer to utilize the ordering principles at hand such as colour and design to select apt choices so as to create harmonious, habitable residential or business spaces.


Tile sizes

Finding the most appropriate tiles to fit your room surface is considered a delicate process. It is very essential to take into account the various technical advantages of the materials you desire to put to use. Maintenance of important aspects such as the balance between functionality and aesthetics ensure your end result is a durable and beauty filled selection. The size of tiles plays an important role in altering the appearance of a room. Some tiles create illusions of vast spacing, while others simply create a touch of elegance particularly in the indoors. Here are different tiles and their effects.


Larger tiles

Larger tiles are best used to alter the appearance of a room, creating the illusion that the room is much bigger in size. In part this is because there will be fewer grout lines breaking up the flow of the flooring, and you can enhance this further by choosing a grout that is very similar in color to the tile. Marble tiles are specifically well known to bring this effect vividly, especially due to their reflective nature. In most cases the color of marble tiles corresponds to that of the walls in the room and with this continuity reflectiveness is boundless. This in itself deludes a large sized room in an actually small room.


Smaller mosaic tiles

From a design perspective, mosaic tiles are known to provide a wonderful opportunity to play with colors, space and aesthetics in a room. It is therefore proper to state that mosaic tiles have a wide range of effects. Small mosaic tiles arranged in different ways create images that enhance the natural beauty of a room. Glass mosaic tiles are praised for their lustrous beauty and decorative impact. In addition to this, they marry well with other types of tiles like wood and marble and hence enhance backgrounds while very well breaking monotony. They are best used in backsplashes, bathrooms and kitchen walls.


Plank tile sizes

Plank tiles are always a terrific direction to go in when looking for beauty and ease of maintenance. When installing wooden tiles, patterns are considered a vital factor as they affect the look and style of your space. Herringbones are a popular arrangement style for plank tiles mostly because of their antique look effect. They are great for adding a classical touch to hallways and smaller rooms. The crosshatch layout is another mind-blowing arrangement for wood plank tiles as they generally scream beauty. The arrangement of random planks in two or more sizes is appropriate for larger floors where one can easily appreciate the mix of sizes. This creates simple beauty and diversity creating a timeless appearance.

All tiles carry with them specific importance in the appearance of a room therefore with a wide range of selections especially in size you can create unique aesthetic and beautiful looks for your surfaces.


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