Does kickboxing help women lose fat?

A lot of women hear kickboxing and immediately think that it’s a contact sport where you get kicked and punched until someone wins. This is the case when you are competing professionally. Joining a class, you would be like getting an incredible workout and learning some excellent skills that could help save your life one day.

Most women who take up kickboxing do it to lose weight, and it’s understandable why because one hour of intense training can burn up to 750 calories. And not only do you burn calories you also build muscle and tone your body.

Kickboxing is a great form of cardio and if done correctly and more than twice a week can not only help women become stronger but also help them lose belly fat and back fat.

If you are serious about torching fat and having a good time while doing it then maybe kickboxing is what you’ve been looking for.


The benefits of taking up this intensely fun sport


It’s Fun

You will most likely be training with other people, and that gives it a bit more of a social aspect. You will make friends and learn new skills that you can take with you when you leave the boxing area.


Better than the treadmill

If you get bored with different workouts very quickly then maybe, it’s time to step into a kickboxing class. Every class will teach you something new, and the atmosphere will help you keep going long after you’ve thought of giving up.


Rev up your metabolism

You will be burning calories long after you’ve finished your class thanks to the intensive cardio workout that is kickboxing.


Bye Bye Fat

Boxing and kickboxing burns fight because of its cardio and strength training intensity. As you burn through the fat, your muscles will begin to show, toning up your body which will make you look leaner and stronger. Along with a healthy diet you are on your way.


All those endorphins

Everyone knows endorphins are right for you, and exercising is a quick and easy way to release them. As you become stronger and lose weight, every exercise will begin to feel like a win which can also have a positive effect on the mind.


Get rid of stress and aggression

Kickboxing is an excellent way to rid your body of any pent-up stress and aggression. After a long, tough day, you can enter the workout area then punch and kick your way to feeling better.



You can walk out of a class and know that you can deal out a punch or kick when you feel threatened. To be able to defend yourself in a dangerous situation can be the difference between life and death.


It’s badass

Learning a new skill is always incredible but learning how to fight and look good doing it will make you feel like a complete badass when you step out of the class.

Any female body transformation begins with taking the first step. If you are serious about wanting to lose belly and back fat, then kickboxing is one way to do it. Just know that those two aspects aren’t the only areas of your body that will transform. In a few months, you will look and feel like a completely new person.

So, if you’ve always been apprehensive about female boxing training and that it’s only for men think again. There are so many women who go out every day to kick


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