Tips to Get Your Training More Regular This Year

For many of us, training may present a path to a certain goal we are trying to achieve. However, this requires the development of training as a habit. But rather than give the typical advice that is usually given, it may be time to find out why it may seem that we are too lazy to stick to our training habits then seek to remedy it. But achieving these goals requires multiple little manageable steps rather than one huge Herculean effort.

But this is also stressful because it requires one to commit to sticking to the training regimen on a day – to – day basis (or whichever period one’s regimen requires) for an extended period of time. Research shows that individuals attributed this difficulty, in sticking to habits, to laziness as well as just plainly forgetting to do what they were to do (but mostly the former).

Now, due to our inherent nature, there is no fool – proof way to instill the necessary habits within us. In the current age, humans have realized that there is an internal resistance that makes it harder for us to do work. It is the reason why sometimes you find yourself ‘too lazy’ to do something. The best we can do is to try and set things up in such a way so as to make it easier for us to stick to our habits. The best way to go about this is environmental design. This implies setting up your living space or life in such a way as to help you remember your workout regimen as well as make it easier for you to do so.


Make sure your workout regimen starts out easy and builds up progressively

The biggest mistake we tend to make when setting goals is setting goals that would really stretch our abilities. An example would be from setting a goal of training 5 times a week when we’ve barely been hitting 2 days a week. What this does is that we tend to start with so much energy but end up fizzling quickly especially once we miss a couple of days. The key is to make sure our goals are progressive. This means you should start with a really easy goal and thus it won’t seem as much of a chore to achieve it, and then progress from their making sure our goals just stretch our abilities. As we become more experienced then one may begin to set larger goals.  The key is here is to maintain the balance between making sure you are still willing to do your workout as well as setting goals that will actually lead to some sort of progression in your body.


Make a pre – commitment

What this means is that one should make a commitment for a goal that they want to achieve. This could be done through ways like betting a considerable amount of money to someone that you will attend training 4 times a week. This may seem drastic but if you are really serious about hitting your goals then it may serve as the motivation you need to stay on track. Another way is applying for a longer-term membership such as a 6-month membership at your local gym. This is money already spent and it might work as motivation to get yourself to the gym. Maybe you could commit to your close friend about the goals you are trying to achieve and instruct them to continuously hold you accountable to your goals and refuse to accept any excuses. Another way one could do this (albeit a bit expensive) is by hiring a personal trainer to help you stick to your regimen and your diet. This is effectively pushing the final say on whether you will train to someone who is obviously disciplined in working out and as such, will keep you on your toes (literally).


Switch up your regimen

Another way to make it easier for you to stick to your training is switching things up such as joining a self-defence class or joining the local boxing club. The accomplishments from the progression in your mastery as well as development in your strength may serve as motivation to stick to your regimen.


Introspect and find a unique solution

Remember, the point is to make it as easy as possible to stick to your workout regime. And since this is just a generalised list, it may be better for you to sit down and analyse the details of the problem yourself and come up with a unique solution. This may be something like hitting the gym on the way home from work since you find it hard to get to the gym once you get home.

Good luck in your training regime!


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