The Importance Of Gutter Cleaning For Your Roof

Just as you would take care of all your body in equal measure you should take care of all parts of your roof to an equal degree. One part of the roof that is typically overlooked is the gutter. Mainly because people consider the gutter to have the least functionality when it comes to roofing. But there are plenty of reasons why you should prioritize the regular cleaning of your roof gutters.

Decreased Proficiency

The first and probably the most visible effect of failing to clean your gutters is poor performance. Typically, your gutter serves as a conduit for the proper drainage of rainwater from your roof. If you have a tree next to your house then you may find that leaves may, in some instances, build up in your roof gutters. Naturally, since you consider it to be ‘just leaves’ you may not be pressed to clean out the leaves assuming the water will just naturally clear it out. However, as more leaves fall into your gutter then your gutters are likely to get clogged up. Meaning that your gutters won’t be able to channel water as well and so will lead to poor drainage. Furthermore, the excessive build-up of leaves and debris may leave the gutter slanting due to excessive weight. This may leave part of the gutter so bent out of shape that it renders the gutter itself useless.

Health Risks

As mentioned, gutters are generally used for drainage of water. They can pose a health risk to you and your family as well. This especially happens when the leaves clog up your gutters. What happens then is that these leaves get stuck in your gutters and form a damp mass. This is the ideal environment for the formation of certain types of algae and moulds. Some of these types of moulds may be disease-causing organisms. By cleaning out the gutters you can prevent these diseases and protect your family.

Damage to Other Parts of the Roof

As the gutters continue to gather leaves and other debris, they begin to gather more water and thus become increasingly damp over time. This build-up of moisture eventually spreads to the roof shingles through osmosis. Since the leaves maintain the damp environment, it becomes harder for the moisture to dry off and the roof shingles remain damp as a result. The shingles’ structure eventually becomes compromised as the continual presence of water makes the shingles weaker.

Although the effects of unclean gutters aren’t as numerous, they are collectively quite costly. The same goes for your roof, hiring a professional roofing service company is great if you are not comfortable to do it yourself. They can get the job done right.


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