Best Solar Pool Heaters For Above Ground Swimming Pools

There are many types of pool heaters, but you may be wondering which solar heater is best for your above ground swimming pool? When picking which solar pool heater is best for you, it may be advisable to keep the benefits of solar pool heaters in mind when picking a specific solar pool heater. In this article, we will be looking at the three best solar pool heaters you can get for your pool.


Sunflow Solar Heating Kit

This system consists of a solar prime pump, a vacuum break valve, a solar sensor as well as a solar computer. The kit is relatively cheap but still comes with useful accessories. The kit also comes with optional accessories that may be used to increase the overall effectiveness such as a solar strainer.


Sunflow Solar Heating Kit


The entire system works in much the same way as the cooling fluids at the back of your refrigerator. The system starts by pumping the cold water from your swimming pool through the conductive tubes (which then heat your water) then pump the water back into your swimming pool.

But just how effective is this solar heating kit? This is determined by just how well the system can heat your pool water.


As mentioned, the system comes with conductive tubes manufactured in an interweaving manner to provide a large surface area. This is ideal for the conduction of heat to the solar heater. The conductive tubes are placed on top of the roof of your house or some other structure for them to absorb as much heat as possible from sunlight. This means that the system can heat your pool to the required temperature.


The system’s solar computer monitors the temperature of the water passing through the conductive tubes and can, therefore, regulate the amount of water pumped to maintain the required temperature.

One should note that the system will require additional plumbing to move around the water as needed.


The GAME Solar Pro Curve Solar Pool Heater

This heater makes the list simply by giving a mix of convenience and heating power. This heater is not as extensive as the Sunflow Kit, but it shaves off all the weight and hassle of building supporting accessories for ease of installment and maneuverability.


The GAME Solar Pro Curve Solar Pool Heater


The heater has a curved surface with the intention of maximising the heaters surface area. This helps in the capture of as much sunlight as possible to maximise the heat the heater can generate. The heater is also relatively light, allowing users to move the heater about easily. This means that you can always place the heater in a position to capture as much as sunlight as possible. The heater also comes with adjustable legs making it easy to put the heater in slanted positions.


The heater is also designed using high – quality metal alloys as well as plastics, which makes it durable and able to withstand the elements as well as extended exposure to sunlight.

A point to note is that the heater works by gradually increasing the temperature over a few days.


The GAME Solar Pro Contour Solar Pool Heater

This heater costs almost the same as the curve solar heater but is arguably more effective at heating water. Shaped like half a ball with the systems heating pipes shaped in winding circular rings. This circular winding design means that water covers a longer distance under heating and so may be heated better as compared to the curve heater. The convenience of design and flexibility in installation remains the same as the curve heater.


The GAME Solar Pro Contour Solar Pool Heater


For those with a need for an efficient heater but are not too pressed for money, the Sunflow heating kit may be your best bet. This system is especially effective at heating water but requires quite a bit of plumbing and additional accessories to get it working. If you’re looking for a heater and want to reduce your overall expenditure, then any of the two GAME solar heaters may be suitable for you.


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