The difference between The Standard Pull vs X – Frame Stands

With the expanding market space, traders at any given trade show have a wide variety of marketing tools to choose from. One of the popular methods of marketing is by using pull – up stands. But which pull – up stands are available for traders and which ones would be best suited for them?


The Standard Pull – up Banner

The pull – up banner is one of the staple marketing tools used by traders for trade shows. This consists of a retractable banner that is typically contained within a plastic case that is a bit weighty which also serves as the base of the pull – up banner. These pull – up banners can also be adorned with your company logo as well as any other marketing designs that are relevant to your marketing campaign.

Furthermore, pull – up banners also give you some variety. There’s the standard – length pull – up banner which runs the same height as an average adult. These may be placed to sides of your exhibition stands during trade shows to attract people’s attention. There are also the table – top pull – up banners which are much smaller in size and are ideal for perching on top of tables and other countertops. These may be used alongside the standard – length banners as an additional marketing tool to make your stand seem more thematically complete. Alternatively, they may be used if you’re running on a tight budget. Another variation of the banner is the media wall. This is a much larger pull – up banner, that may be as high as 3m or as wide as 3m. These are only usable in trade shows where you’re allowed quite a bit of space and can be used to capture more attention as they stand out due to their huge size. Naturally, they are the most expensive of the three so you may want to be wary of your budget when picking which one best suits your needs.


X – Frame Stands

These are lightweight banner stands that are formed by attaching the vinyl banner to an X – frame stand. Unlike the standard pull – up banners, X – frame stands are not supported by any plastic base. This type of stands is ideal for traders looking for a sizeable banner stand but cannot afford the regular banner stand. However, due to their light manner, these stands are prone to tipping over easily. Moreover, the thin plastic support poles can easily be damaged. So be careful if you opt for this choice.

If you’re looking for a well – rounded, versatile stand which covers the basics of portability and visibility then the standard-length pull – up banner is your best bet. If you’re working on a tight budget, then you may pick between the table – top banner or the X – Frame banner. The former is more durable since it has a strong case. The latter is weaker in structure but is longer and offers more visibility. If you’re looking to go all out, then you should use the media wall due to its large surface area.


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