Ways in which you can save money on your Monthly bills

Home bills can pile up quickly and sometimes we don’t even realize where it all goes. Month after month we simply just pay our bills without giving it a second thought. If you’re wondering where and how you can save on your bills, we have a few tips for you.


  1. Television Service

Cable and satellite providers can be very expensive especially if you only use it to watch television during the weekends. One option is to cancel your subscription and opt for a cheaper alternative like Netflix. You then get to choose what you want to watch and when you want to watch it, and it’s surprisingly affordable then some other providers.


  1. Energy Bills


Making use of a service where you can compare your energy bills to other services can make quite the difference. These services can help you choose a better electricity provider, saving you money in the long run. That is money that can be spent wisely on other things, like putting it into a savings or emergency account.


Unplugging all the devices and appliances you aren’t currently using can also make a huge difference, not to mention, it is good for the environment.


  1. Cell Phone Services


If you have a cell phone plan where you don’t use all the perks then perhaps it’s time to downgrade to one that you will benefit from more. Cell phone service plans are so diverse and tailor-made nowadays that you won’t struggle to find the perfect one.


  1. Online Deals


A lot of people don’t take advantage of online deals, and this is something that they should definitely utilise. Many websites have coupons and deals that will help cut your expenses, even if it is only a little bit. We all know every little bit helps when it comes to spending and saving money.


  1. Cancel Subscriptions


Some of us have a gym membership that we pay each month and we just don’t go, always telling ourselves that we will go tomorrow or on Monday. If this is you then you should definitely consider cancelling your gym membership. And then when you feel like working out opt for a walk around your neighbourhood or a jog to the mailbox and back. It’s free and you won’t feel guilty when you skip your workouts for another week.


This counts for any magazine and newspaper subscriptions as well. Everything is online nowadays so following a newspaper’s website or paying a smaller fee for one online is something you can do as well. This is also good for the environment.


Taking one day during the weekend to look over all your expenses to see where all your money goes can be a real eye opener. You will then easily see where you can save and cut corners. Sometimes we pay for things that we just don’t need.


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