How to Choose Natural Stone Tile That’s Good for You

When it comes to flooring, there are various tile materials which you can choose. However, if you want floor tiles with high durability, natural stone tiles present the best option for you. Having said that, making natural stone tile as your choice is just one step. There are a lot of decisions that will follow after this as you need to consider the types, edge profiles, patterns, finishes, and colours of the tiles you want. You need to know the design details of the natural stone tile you want. Is it the one made with marble or slate or granite? You also need to think about the finishes too; do you want a brushed, honed, natural cleft, or polished finish. To handle this properly, there are important questions for you to answer. Getting an answer to these questions will make decision making very easy for you.


Necessary Questions to Ask

  1. Where will the tile be installed? Will the tile be used for the flooring or on the wall or as a backsplash

The type of tile that suits the floor may not suit the wall. This is why you need to consider the part of the building where the tile will be installed before making a choice.

2. How much does the tile cost? What’s the cost of installation? What is your budget?

Whatever decision you arrive at, it all comes down to money in the long run. Once you have the questions provided above, you can compare the cost of the tile and the cost of installation to the budget for the project. If the cost fits into the budget, then, that’s your option.

3. What’s the purpose of the tile? What will it be used for? How will it be used?

You need to determine the level of traffic to which the tile will be exposed. Will it be serving a high-traffic or will it be serving as a low-traffic decorative accent?


Let’s Make a Practical Illustration

Now that you understand what it takes to make a decision let’s consider some practical examples of how this will work.

  • First Illustration: Let’s assume you have decided to do a tile kitchen backsplash in your house; what type of natural stone tile will you choose? Since it’s a kitchen backsplash, the place will be vulnerable to spills and splashes whenever you are cooking. Therefore, the kind of tile surface you will need here is one that will be very easy to clean. For these specifications, you will be considering either a polished marble tile or a honed granite tile. This is good either for the floor tiling or the wall tiling.
  • Second Illustration: Here, let’s assume you want to install a tile in the shower. The wall and the floor will have different needs. You will like to go for a smooth tile for the walls. However, for the floor, you will need to get a tile that can provide an anti-slip grip; a textured tile like the brushed or flamed slate is a good option.


The Versatility of Marble Tiles

As much as you need to consider a lot of factors before deciding the type of tile you should choose, there is one type that has a ubiquitous status; that’s the marble tiles. For instance, the marble floor tiles can be used in virtually every part of the home without any stress or problem. Therefore, in case you are unable to arrive at any precise choice after considering many factors, marble floor tiles and marble wall tiles are highly recommended.


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