It is common nowadays for a homeowner in the suburbs to think about having a swimming pool installed in the compound. It is rare for a hotel or spa complex to not have a pool, to begin with, no matter the size of overall use. Saying you want a pool is one thing and may look as easy as placing a concrete structure on the lawn and filling it with water but what is the true swimming pool construction process and is it worth the hassle of acquiring one? The installation may be the only factor that is keeping you on the fence when it comes to making this decision. The good news is you don’t have to handle the process yourself. Here is a breakdown of what it entails:


Consultation and visitation

As with any construction of such a scale, it is important to consult with an expert pool builder who has expertise and experience in this sector. The consultation process allows you to ask all the questions that you have and even help you make a decision in terms of installation. Should you wish to go ahead with the process, the next step is a site visit, usually carried out by the consultant you talked to. A site visit enables the consultant to know what size area he or she is working with as well as initiate further talks in terms of budget. This is also a great opportunity to come up with various swimming pool designs and plans that will suit your compound.


Proposal and detailed fine-tuning

Once you have agreed on what features will work best, you will be shown a detailed swimming pool gallery that has already constructed pools that may have features that are close to what you’re going for yourself. You can fine-tune the designs, adding or removing what you would like in order to come up with a final design that you are happy with. Should you be satisfied with the plan, you’ll sign a contract and pay a deposit, which then enables the swimming pool builders to seek approval of construction from the council. Once the certificate has been received, the true construction process can be carried out.


The construction

Swimming pools may differ in one way or another when it comes to their construction but there exists a general framework of the process. An excavation of the compound is carried out and safety fencing is put into place. Installation of framework and steel fixing is then carried out followed by the installation of plumbing. Once this is done, concrete is poured into the framework in order to create a proper structure. Before any tiling and paving can be carried out, a curing period is given to the concrete so as to make it sturdy. Afterwards, electrical equipment for heating and cleaning is put into place followed by the erection of a permanent fence. It is at this point that a compliance inspection is carried out. Should everything check out, the process continues by having the surface prepared and the interior-lining put into place. Finally, a last clean is carried out and the structure is then filled with water and balanced.


Now all you have to do is swim and enjoy your new pool.

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