How to Choose the Right Colours for your Leather Lounge

A leather lounge is an exquisite addition to a living room space. It not only looks good but offers superb comfort. As a result, the lounge is a favourite among interior designers.

Leather sofas can serve as accent pieces or centre furniture. The function depends on the dimensions and design. The colour design in particular weighs heavily on the use of a leather lounge.

Some unspoken rules determine the colour options for your leather lounge. Here is a quick guide on how to choose the right colours for your leather lounge.


Although there are general guidelines for colour selections in interior space fittings, the choice ultimately boils down to preference. Don’t choose a lounge colour that doesn’t appeal to you. It’s your living space, after all.

Due to modern technology, there’s no limit to the colour options available for leather lounges. As a result, you can find a sofa that matches your colour preference to the exact tone. 


The overall look of a lounge combines colour matching and deliberate placement of furniture pieces. Sofas take up a massive proportion of visual space in a lounge. Therefore the colour selection is paramount. Furniture that matches, makes the room easy on the eyes.

Matching the leather lounge with the curtains is an excellent approach to interior designing. Curtains take a lot of wall space and offer a perfect match to your furniture. You can use the same tones, shades that blend well together or colours that contrast entirely. 

Another great alternative is to match the leather lounge with other furniture pieces. These include the wall unit, coffee table and the dining set in an open plan living room. Again, you can combine different tones of the same colour or other colours that blend well together.

The leather lounge can also match the carpet in your living room to visually contrast the tiles or wooden floor. The colours don’t need to be the same, but they must go well together.


The maintenance needs of leather lounges are quite specific. They depend on the type of leather on the sofa and the colour.

Warm coloured leather lounges need more work to maintain. The bold colours are dyed onto the leather and are often vulnerable to injury. Therefore, a lot must be done to protect the surface. In addition, spills from drinks and food should be cleaned immediately with the appropriate cleaning materials to avoid permanent damage.

Darker tones have fewer maintenance needs. They are easy to clean. Moreover, streaks on the surface are not apparent. Russet is the natural colour of leather as it leaves the tannery. The colour has low maintenance needs and doesn’t fade quickly.

The function of the space

The purpose of a room dictates the colours used in the space. For example, leather lounges are often used in living room spaces and entertainment areas. Both applications have different aesthetic needs.

Living room spaces use warm colours to enhance comfort. The overall appearance is easy on the eye and blends well with living room fittings. The colours that work well for living room leather lounges include brown, beige and black.

You can get away with using bold colours on your leather lounges in entertainment spaces. The colour options create unlimited design possibilities.

When it comes to leather lounges, the colour options are numerous. So you only need to explore your creativity.

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