Easy and Affordable Ways to Style a Pergola

Pergolas are an excellent way to add beauty and function to your backyard since they provide both shade and relaxing space. Some of the areas you can place your pergola to increase the appeal of your outdoor space include the deck, patio, and your backyard’s corner.

While constructing a pergola seems straightforward, making it stylish can be challenging. If you are experiencing this, read on to discover some easy and affordable ways for pergola styling.

Invest in a Hammock

If you set up a pergola for relaxation, it would be best to invest in a hammock. You can use any two ends to install hooks that will hold the hammock in place. After this, you will have an outdoor space that offers an excellent place for hanging around.

Add Trellis Screens

The best way to transform a pergola into a private retreat is by adding trellis screens. While a pergola protects you from the sun, trellis blocksthe view and sounds from your neighbours. If you want a more prominent shade and more privacy, select trellis and pergolas with narrow openings.

Install Furniture

A pergola feels incomplete without furniture. The good thing is that there is a broad range of items to choose from, depending on your taste. Some of the available options include classic, modern, elegant, and rustic designs, etc. Regardless of your preferred design, choose a product that can withstand all weather elements.

Invest in Quality Lighting

Many homeowners use their pergolas as outdoor dining areas. If you like this idea, consider adding a chandelier over your table. Besides making it more attractive, these light fixtures are useful when it gets dark.

Additionally, lighting can help set the mood in your pergola. For instance, fairy lights, lanterns and string lights make a place feel romantic. If you want to give your space a modern touch, use paper lanterns instead of traditional models.

Construct a Wooden Pergola

When built in-between other landscaping material, a pergola becomes the focal point in a garden. For example, constructing a wooden pergola with a peaked roof and arched entrances can make your yard more appealing. If you want to conceal the structure’s base, add some potted plants.

Use it as a Pathway

Most people use their pergolas as relaxation areas in their backyards. However, you can also use them as a pathway to your house. To do this, construct a tall structure that connects your front door to your backyard. Ensure that the vines that line your exterior walls are similar to what you use in your pergola.

Grow Climbing Plants and Vines

Another way to make your pergola more beautiful and welcoming is by growing climbing plants and vines on its roof. Besides being affordable, most climbing plants require little maintenance and can improve the air quality in your patio.

Install Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds conceal the activities in your pergola so that you have peace of mind anytime you are there. Experts recommend picking blinds made of durable fabric with a colour that matches your home’s décor.


If you apply the proper style, a pergola can transform a bland backyard into a stunning outdoor space. Ensure that you choose a design that resembles your home’s décor so that the structure does not look out of place.

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