Pros of Installing Marble Tiles

Marble is a naturally occurring rock that is used for creating tiles used on various areas, including floors and walls. It is known for its attractive appearance, stylishness, and robustness.

Here are the pros of using marble floor tiles in your household.



The most significant benefit of marble floor tiling is its classiness. It can uplift the look of any space. Moreover, it is available in several colours, and even in mosaic patterns, which means that you can customize it to suit your needs.  You can also adjust the tiles into any shape, such as ovals and circles, and so on.



Since it occurs naturally, each marble tile is unique. You cannot find an exact match elsewhere. This uniqueness is particularly noticeable when you use multi-coloured stones. The dissimilarities are less distinct when you use stones with solid colours. However, your floor will still be distinct from others using marble tiles.


Translucent Colour

Another reason for marble’s popularity is its semi-transparent nature, which lets light penetrate. For this reason, when marble tiles are exposed to natural light, the illumination is particularly pronounced if the tiles are white or have any other light colour.


Easy to Polish

Different from other regular stones, marble works well with polish.  This gives it a smooth and stylish appearance when polished correctly. It is also one of the reasons that marble floors are sophisticated.


Adaptability to Radiant Heat

Marble is an excellent conductor of heat. This property makes it compatible with most of the radiant heating systems that are installed below the floor. Such heating systems are useful in curbing one of the most significant challenges of marble flooring, which is coldness. During the cold season, such systems can add warmth to your floor.



Marble is naturally sturdy, which makes it fitting for all types of environments. You can install marble tiles in areas that experience a high level of foot movement without being worried about incurring damages. The toughness also means that marble tiles can withstand the elements of weather, making them useful for outdoor areas.


Ease of Maintenance

Marble floors are easier to maintain than other floorboards, such as carpet and wood. If polished, marbles tiles gain some water resistance, which makes it easy to wipe off liquids. They are also resistant to dust, which means that you can clean them quickly using a damp cloth.


Natural Material

Because it is a natural material, marble adds an element of timelessness to any space. Even when it’s processed to make tiles, it still maintains some of its potency and gives your room natural beauty.



Marble floor tiles are the epitome of stylishness. That said, this type of flooring requires intensive care because it is a significant investment. Make sure that you seek professional help during installation, especially if you have experience with floors. Marbles are brittle, meaning that improper handling may cause irreversible damages even before you start the installation process.

You should keep acids away from marble floors since they can stain it and cause discolouration. Also, marble is permeable, meaning that leaving standing water over extended periods can cause significant damage. Lastly, finding a matching tile is impossible. You should take care of your tiles to avoid acquiring a replacement that will interfere with the pattern on your floor.

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