Fireplaces for Heating Large Spaces

To heat a large room can prove difficult and very expensive. This is often the case if you fail to get the right fireplace for these vast spaces. You can, however, correct this by getting an efficient, as well as an inexpensive heating solution for your home.

In this piece, we look at ways in which you can choose the correct fireplaces for your large spaces.

Look at the types of Large Room Heaters available

When it comes to heating large rooms, you have three options to choose from. Convection, radiant, and combination heating. Radiant heaters can be heated by either gas, electricity, or kerosene.

  • Radian fireplaces

Most radiant fireplaces have to be pointed towards the direction where heat is needed for them to work best. However, there are a few that have conductors that help in conducting heat in multiple directions.

Although they are ideally meant to warm objects, they can also be used to do the same in large spaces.

  • Conventional heaters

Convection heaters are designed to rely on the natural flow of hot air that is rising. As hot air rises, it creates a vacuum for cold air, allowing it to be sucked in. Warm air will then subsequently flow into the vacuum created by cold air. These kinds of fireplaces are ideal for warming up large spaces because they work on the entire room rather than a specific object.

  • Ceramic heaters

Ceramic radiant heaters are unique in the sense they employ the use of a fan to circulate the heat it generates. You get to choose between freestanding, inbuilt, and electric fireplaces. Each of them has their pros and cons, and the decision to use one will be dependent on various things, including how much space you have and how you need the heat to circulate.

What to consider when buying fireplaces for large rooms

  • How powerful if the heater?

The top thing to consider should be power. Find a fireplace that is capable of heating the length and breadth of the room or rooms you intend to heat. You can do this by measuring the room and calculating the amount of power required to heat such a room. You then shop for fireplaces that have that ability.

  • Your fuel options

Next, you should consider the fuel options to use. If you have young children, for instance, you should be using propane gas.

On the other hand, in case your home is not fitted with gas connections, then opt for another option, like electrical, since installing the whole system might cost you a fortune.

However, ensure you choose an efficient and inexpensive system. Electric fireplaces are cheaper while purchasing, but in the long run, will be more expensive compared to gas.

  • Your preferred location of the fireplace

Next, you should consider the positioning of your fireplace, depending on the space available, and how you want your room to look like. For a more appealing look, go for freestanding ones.

  • Safety features

When getting a large fireplace, safety should be a priority. This is going to cost a substantial amount of money, and for that reason, you want to get it working correctly.

  • Make sure that relevant bodies have tested it for safety

Next, look at the safety features that the heater comes with. We recommend going for heaters with an automatic switch that will turn off the fireplace any time it overheats.


We are confident that with this write up, you will be able to get yourself the right fireplaces for heating large spaces.

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