Make Sure You Maintain Your Pool in Summer

It’s during the summer that we use our swimming pools frequently. Usually, as the summer approaches, most Australians spend a lot of their time preparing their swimming pools in readiness for the season when friends and families go out to have fun swimming.

Before that first dive into the swimming pool, you must ensure that you clean your pool thoroughly and fill it with clean water. That’d be the initial step towards using your swimming pool in summer. 

In addition to the initial cleaning and treatment, there are some swimming pool maintenance tips you’ll need to take you through the summer to ensure that you enjoy healthy swimming and close your pool in good condition as the summer fades away.

Plan Well for the Summer

Maintaining a swimming pool isn’t a walk in the park, swimming is, though. You’ll need some resources to get the job done. Therefore, it’d be better if you planned very well and set aside everything you require for swimming pool maintenance. A few of the things you may have to acquire are a vacuum head, a hose, cleaning brush, skimmer net, and a telescopic pole. The other things that will come in handy include pool chemicals and a pool water test kit, containing different items. 

These things need money, and you may not have the funds ready when they’re needed. Buying them and keeping them prepared for the summer is, therefore, a noble thing to do.

Keep Optimal Water Level

Covered or not, the water in your pool will evaporate. For proper usage, you must always ensure that you top up the water to keep it at a specific level. As you do this, please keep a close watch on your swimming pool auto-fill to ensure that it’s still working correctly. A properly working auto-fill will help you keep the water level in check and release more water into the pool as and when is necessary.

Check Your Filters

If your pool water is to serve you right, the water you pump into the pool should be clean even before using any chemicals to sterilize it. The best approach to this is by using a pool filter. As you may have already known, these filters may get clogged with dirt particles and, as a result, rendered ineffective. You can avoid getting to that stage by regularly checking the filters to ensure they’re in a perfect working condition. Where necessary, clean them thoroughly before putting them back in place.

You can check the condition of the filter cartridges for any damage, change the sand where you’re using sand filters, put in new D.E., and confirm that all your pools O-rings are in their proper places and are correctly sealed. Also, verify that your filter’s gauge is still working as is expected.

Maintain Optimal Chemical Levels

As we all know, foreign substances contaminate water easily. In as much as we’ll do everything we can to ensure that we keep the pool water clean, we still need to add chemicals for safety reasons. As you do this, be sure that the chemical levels are neither low or too high. Please keep this in check as more water is added to the pool to keep it at the right level.

Clean The Area Around Your Pool

Your swimming pool is as clean as its surroundings. With that understanding, you cannot zero in on cleaning the pool and the water and then forget about the area around the swimming pool. Ensure you do this regularly to get rid of any collected dust or other dirt particles. It’s also essential to do the cleaning around the pool whenever people want to use it so that they don’t carry dirt into the swimming pool.

And, why not, ensure that those who’re using the pool are clean. It pays to take a moment to clean up oneself before taking that dive. Where possible, avail facilities in which people who’d like to clean themselves can do so before they can jump into the swimming pool.