Why portable banners are so easy to use

Banners are an important part of any exhibition. Even in your regular office space, they can turn your rented rooms from empty shells to branded zones with character and personality. However the real benefit of portable banners is their ability to be used and re-used on an almost infinite loop. The same qualities that keep them mobile allow them to be re-usable, in the sense that you can design new fabric sheeting and reskin the same banner.

High quality portable banners are made with longevity in mind. They are printed using specialised ink that is waterproof, scratchproof, scrape-proof, and resistant to weather patterns. The vinyl has UV protection and is manufactured to be anti-reflective, which means you can read it easily, even at an open air event, or from a distance. What else makes portable banners so popular?


They’re instantly installed

Banners are a staple of conferences and outdoor events. They tell prospects who you are what you have to offer, drawing them to your booth and inviting them to buy from you. To ease your process and save you time that can be utilised servicing customers, portable banners are made in a way that can be installed and dismantled in minutes.

Their portability is partly achieved through simple construction and easy movable parts so that it’s easy to put together an exhibition centre and pull down the banners when it’s time to leave. This allows you to focus on other areas of your operation, because the beginning and end will be completed in no time at all.


They’re light in weight

Similarly, the construction of portable banners is low in mass. It could weigh a few grams or a few kilos so that it’s easier to get it around. This matters because exhibition centres themselves are huge spaces. It could be as large as a mall, while outdoor events can occupy multiple acreage. Transporting your gear from one side of the centre to the other is hard.

The physical task itself can be draining, and if the terrain is muddy or uneven that’s extra work. You might have to drive through it, but far more often you’ll have to walk, since exhibition spaces are not designed for vehicular use. This doesn’t even consider moving your banners from the office to the car. Light weight makes the whole process more facile.


They occupy minimal space

When they’re stretched out, media walls and banners can stretch as large as 6 metres. However, when they’re not in use, they’re designed to retract or fold into much smaller rolls can fit snugly into carry cases that are a few inches in diameter. These carry cases can be flexible nylons bags or hard cases with a clippable lock.

Both these cases can be stacked into a minimal space so that hundreds of them can be positioned in the back of trucks and utes. This configuration allows you to transport all the gear you need for an event in a single truck. It means you don’t need to make multiple trips, and it makes your event preparation run a lot smoother.


They have wheels

As a final step to ensure portability, the carry cases of banners are fitted with wheels. They’re simple but sturdy, allowing you to pull the carry cases across different types of flooring surfaces. Both nylon bags and hard cases are affixed to little roller wheels. The cases also have sturdy zippers and latches that protect the banners from physical damage, as well as dust and manual dirt.

Portable banners have a well put together roller mechanism, both in their wheels and in the banner itself, allowing it to pull out and retract for easy use and storage. It’s all these seemingly little features put together that make portable banners so popular for exhibitions of all kinds, both indoors and out in the open air.