What To Expect From A Mini Detail

Detailing is one of the best ways to take care of your car is to set it up with a detailing appointment. To understand just how big a deal this is, you need to understand what is meant when people say they are taking their car for a detailing. Car detailing is the top to bottom cleaning of your car, thoroughly using specialized tools and high quality products. Sometimes, a detailer will also perform some light touch ups to the general aesthetics of the car, but the process however does not include any painting or bodywork repairs.

Essentially, detailing involves a lot of cleaning and reconditioning both the exterior and the interior of the car, to restore it to its best look. This involves taking care of any scratches and scraping marks to restore the car to its best. Sometimes you may, for whatever reason, not be able to afford a full detail, and this is where a mini detail comes into play. As the name suggests, a mini detail borrows some of the best elements from a full detailing job, but is does not contain all the components of a proper detail job.All this usually takes between one, to two hours to complete.

So what does a mini detailing entail? Here is a look into this to that makes it a viable option for car owners:


Express hand wash

There is a proper wash and clean of the entire exterior and interior of your car by hand. This involves the wiping of surfaces, and cleaning of the entire carpeting, cubby holes, cup holders, and the exterior of the car. This takes care of the superficial dirt and debris that could have accumulated in the car. Sometimes, this includes mud, dust, chocolate and candy wrappers, pieces of plastic and pieces of food stuff such as popcorn, potato crisps, and bread crumbs from buns and sandwiches.

It is a notable problem with people who like having lunch inside their cars during working days. These types of dirt could cause stubborn stains in your car, and in some cases, especially with food related substances, could cause an insect infestation. Hand washing also takes care of your door jambs, mirrors and dash, since dome of these require that you polish them with synthetic substances to keep them supple and have them last long.

mini detail



Vacuuming takes care of all the different facets of cleaning that hand washing did not remove. As is common with hand washing, there is only a certain amount of dirt that can be removed. More often than not, this is restricted to the dirt that can be held between the thumb and the fore finger, and everything larger. Smaller crumbs, pollen particles and dust require a proper vacuum to remove. This also includes the removal of stains and of course the small particles of pollen and dust. Dust is aremarkably common problem in Australia for instance, and washing the car at home will not ensure that your vehicle carpeting has been rid of all these annoying particles.

Vacuuming also takes care of the dirt and grime in the boot of your car, getting rid of all the odours and debris that could have been a result of your weekend in the outback. The floor mats are also subjected to steam care, where a range of shampoos, brushes, and specialised tools are tasked towards making sure your carpeting is rid of stains, bacteria, and some of those odours hat make your car perpetually smell like onion rings and gym socks.


Window care

Window care is a touchy subject for some car owners. This is because most car wash and detail establishments do not understand that different types of cars have different types of cars.  When dealing with windows, delicacy is a matter of pride. This means that you not only have to worry about the actual pane, but all the tinting, and other bells and whistles that come with it. This also extends to all the side mirrors and other reflective surfaces in the car.


Leather and vinyl maintenance

Leather is actually a very sensitive material in a car. Improper cleaning could result in damage that could take a few thousand dollars to repair. When getting a mini detailing, one of the services is a leather and vinyl detailing. This means that they will remove all the dirt and grime which builds up over time and use and is liable to make the material discolour. Once they clean the material, they also use conditioners and other specialised products to help restore the leather to its natural character. This also helps to protect the material from drying out, which could result in cracking, weakness, damage staining.


Exterior care

This includes all the services that will be carried out on the exterior of the car that are not related to hand washing. One of the most important elements of taking care of your exterior is something called a paint cleansing treatment. To make it easier, it can be likened to a facial, but for your car. After the washing of the car, the paint surface is lubricated and treated to remove embedded dirt and particles. This also extends to the cleaning of tyres, wheel arches and mudguards, where solvent pressure is used to remove mud and debris.


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