Tips for Media Wall Selection in Melbourne

Do you have an upcoming exhibition or function that requires an eye popping display to give your brand the necessary exposure and attract the attention of potential customers? There are hundreds of display options on the market, making the task a little daunting.  When purchasing your display, a number of considerations must be taken into account so you get the best products to serve your needs and give your brand the eye catching display required to attract new customers.


When choosing your media wall or display first consider the location of the event. Is the event indoors or outdoors? How much space do you have to work with? These factors play an important role when choosing the right display.

For smaller spaces choose a media wall that is eye popping and functional. Banners place in front of your stall can be used as guides to steer potential customers your way. Be careful not to place them in positons that will reduce the visibility of your brand and block the view of your promotional team.

Larger spaces will require a larger bolder media wall to draw in customers and make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd.

Outdoor events may require extra expo banners to create depth and the branding should attract attention and display your message in a clear concise manner. Also consider accessibility and portability of your display products. Some venues may have loading access, some may not. Alas there are a range of products to suit your needs no matter the location


Design Aesthetics

Obviously, your media wall should have a clear concise message as to what your brand is about. Colour scheme and brand logo should gel well with the overall motif and your message should be visible to customers at within first glance.

The media wall should pop and entice customers to your stall. The brand name and message should be easy to read from a distance and well lit. There are a range of options, shapes, sizes and lighting options available and there is sure to be a media wall to cater to your needs. For a sleek modern appeal, go for a media wall with curve, it will also give the illusion of your display having more depth and visibility.

A large straight media wall will give the appearance of big and bold, although depending on your location, may reduce omnidirectional visibility.

Vinyl or canvas banners are a great way to attract attention and steer customers to your stall. As the customers stream in, your media wall should spike their interest long enough to hold their attention and really inspire the curiosity within. Your media wall and display should appeal to your brand target audience.

A tech brands display should be modern, well lit and have a futuristic motif whereas a natural cosmetics company would use a more nature inspired display. For a great naturistic effect use pot plants fitted with lights to give your display a natural appeal without sacrificing visibility.



Does your display require the use of televisions to promote your brand? Selecting a media wall with functionality of audio visual will ensure that you’re not only seen but heard and that your brand message gets out there. The video should be placed in a position for maximum visibility. Also consider the amenities at the event such as power and internet connection required to run the screens and speakers.



Depending on the time of day of your exhibition, you may want to use lighting. There are a range of lighting options available and careful consideration should be taken when choosing the right lights for your display. Think of the overall look, how will your display look from a distance when it’s all lit up? How will it look at the point of sale?

A good idea is to draw up a mock display and draft in the positioning of lights before erecting your stall. After the stall is erected walk around your display to get an idea of how the patron will perceive your brand. Small positioning changes may be required after to get the most from your display. You want the lights bright enough to draw attention but not too bright that it blinds your customers and prevents them seeing your message.

Also consider accessibility and portability of your display products. Some venues may have loading access, some may not. Alas there are a range of products to suit your needs no matter the location.

After taking in the aforementioned design and logistical requirements for your exhibition displays, you should have some ideas of which display products you need to draw customers to your exhibition and keep them there. Design, location, media requirements and lighting all play a key role in creating the perfect display. When conjuring up your display a holistic approach is best. Consider how your display will look when its erect.

Some tinkering and fine tuning may be required and it also pays to have second and third set of eyes to pick up things that are missed.  So remember to plan and this will save you some confusion down the track. To newcomers this might be daunting, but after some trial and error you will find the perfect recipe to give your brand the exposure it deserves.