The Advantages of European And American Oak Floorboards

Wood flooring has always been the go-to option for many homeowners. This flooring option has a long history in interior design. As a flooring alternative, wood has stood the test of time. Wood flooring has featured in different civilizations from the Victorian architecture of Europe to the Colonial architecture of North America. In modern architecture, it’s still popular. Wood is not only a flooring option but also a display of taste, personality and character. This is all the more reason homeowners love wooden flooring. Wood floors are identical. Each floorboard has a unique character that is a consequence of Mother Nature’s golden touch. There are numerous types of wooden floors, broadly categorized into hardwood and softwood floors.


Softwood floors range from cedar, pine and spruce to pine. These floors have a stunning appearance but unfortunately, they don’t match up to hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are known for their unique characteristics that include high density and unmatched durability. One of the most popular hardwood floors is oak. In the pre-colonial European civilizations, oak was reserved for royalty. The wood was subjected to meticulous craftsmanship to form beautiful floors that spoke volumes of the owners of the homes they were installed in. Fast forward to the 21st century, oak is almost everywhere. Although it has retained its royal look it is no longer just for royalty. Oak can be found in hotel lobbies, offices and residential homes. Modern technology has improved the preparation of the floor and the results surpass oak floors of ancient times.


Most oak floorboards either originate from Europe or America. Although the differences between the two boards are not glaring, they are present. Despite this, both floorboards have numerous advantages over other flooring options. First and foremost, oak simply looks good. Oak floorboards have a stunning look that can appeal to any eye. Using these floorboards, you can achieve a rustic interior look or an ultra-modern design. To an untrained eye, American oak and European oak look the same. But if you take a closer look you will notice the difference in the grain pattern. Carpets normally come in different patterns, similarly oak floorboards have their own unique pattern called the grain pattern.  European Oak has a characteristic, wavy grain pattern while American Oak has a straighter, refined grain pattern.


Oak floorboards come in an array of natural colours. Since floorboards are made from natural timber they often have colour variations. American oak has more colour variations than European oak.  The latter is typically light to dark brown but tends to be darker than American oak. The colour on European oak can be described as warm golden or honey colour. American oak, on the other hand, has a pinkish tone. These unique colours come naturally to oak floorboards. They blend seamlessly with numerous interior spaces. If you enter a room with oak floorboards, you are bound to have your eyes glued to the floor. The colour of oak is not only stunning but captivating. Fuming is one of the ways to alter the colour of oak floorboards. The process involves the application of gaseous ammonia on oak to give a lovely, rich, dark, almost walnut colour. The results of the process are more consistent on European oak floor than American oak.


Previously, most people preferred carpets as their flooring option. Carpets look good and feel good hence their increased popularity made sense. However, it did not take long before homeowners realized the burden of keeping carpets clean. Regularly calling carpet cleaning specialists and having to take measures to maintain the cleanliness of carpets can be tedious. With oak floorboards, you don’t need to worry. Oak floorboards are easy to clean and don’t require any special equipment. Moreover, you don’t have to consciously keep dirt away from oak floorboards since they hardly stain. Therefore, your children are free to play on the floor. If one of the children runs into the house with muddy shoes, there is no need to get mad.


Oak floorboards are durable. Most flooring options lose their appeal with time. Oak, on the other hand, is like wine, it gets better with age. Oak floorboards are resistant to wear and tear making them ideal for high traffic areas. White oak is particularly resistant to liquid permeation and this makes it good for bathrooms and kitchens. The floorboards are easy to install, unlike tiles and PVC. Moreover, with oak floorboards, you will not be a victim to seasonal trends. Oak is trendy all year round. European oak and American oak both have immense aesthetic appeal. Although these flooring options are expensive, they are a worth every single penny. An investment in oak floorboards is certain to raise the value of your property. Get oak floorboards and start enjoying the benefits of wooden flooring.


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