Marble Wall Tiling Options For Your Bathroom

If you are thinking of remodelling your bathroom, then marble has to be at the forefront of your mind. It one of the few materials that will give your bathroom a total makeover, changing the way it looked in the beginning. This is why marble is a favourite for many interior decorating TV shows when it comes to the bathroom during home makeovers. Marble has a very distinct advantage of instantly upgrading the look of your restroom, bringing with it a certain luxuriousness and elegance, especially when tiled. The veining and swirls that show up when the tiles have been polished make it such that no two tiles ever look like. This is what lends uniqueness to marble.

Marble with its smooth and glossy finish also creates an illusion of space, especially when used on the floor. This is because it reflects light, making the whole room feel airier, and therefore roomier. This is also a surprisingly durable material, which is a desirable quality in a bathroom tile. Having said that, the versatility of marble has to be mentioned; this is a substance that covers almost the entire colour spectrum, ranging from shades of green, white, black, and grey. There are even marble tiles available in hues of pink and blue, increasing the flexibility in design. To give you an idea of what you can do with marble tiles in your bathroom, here are a few timeless combinations and looks you should aim for this year.


Marble and wood

One of the most popular uses of marble tiles in the bathroom is in conjunction with wood. When it comes to this combination, most people opt for marble countertops with wooden vanities, shelves, and cabinets.  The idea here is to create a contrast, by playing with the different shades of both materials. If you have chosen to go with dark coloured marble in the shades of dark green, teal and black, you have to work with light treated wood. Should the wood be dark, your choice of marble tiles should light coloured. A partnership with dark coloured wood is where certain types of marble such as Blanco Macael, Carrara, and Tranco flourish. This combination works on both the smaller guest bathrooms and the master bathroom, with the reaction to the overall result being the same.


Use travertine

When it comes to marble, this is truly the road less travelled. Travertine and marble have a somewhat tumultuous relationship, since for a while now people have only used the former as a cheaper alternative to the latter. What they do not realise is that they come together to form the perfect combination for your bathroom, that will give the wow factor, while remaining well within budget. This is because where marble is a bit on the pricier side, travertine balances that out. The beauty of this combination is that they both have a wide range of tones and colour, giving a variety of options for what you can do with your bathroom. Travertine comes with the added advantage that it can be easily replaced in the unfortunate event that it sustains damage. The popular use of travertine and marble is usually in the form of marble countertops with monotone travertine flooring. This allows you to add colour with the marble to compliment the flooring.


Set it up with granite

Using both granite and marble for your bathroom can be tricky. This is because both materials make really great candidates for countertops, but you can only use one at a time to avoid getting into some sort of confusion. Both materials make a good case for themselves individually, with the two of them being durable and solid. Where marble outshines granite is in the elegance and versatility of the colours and the finishing. This is why the preferred workaround is a granite flooring in the bathroom, with the marble being used in the countertops. This is because granite can be bought in large slabs which make it perfect for the floor.


Mix and match colours

If you are remodelling the bathroom, chances are you have already identified and carefully curated the colour scheme you prefer. One of the ways you can use marble tiles in your bathroom is to come up with a unique and personal statement. This is the one idea that allows you to purely use tiles in the remodeling of your bathroom. The benefits of coming up with a list if shades beforehand is that you get to choose what type, or combination of types, you want to work with. For instance, if you are into an all-white bathroom, Carrara marble is your friend. For some people, black marble in the bathroom works, this is where certain types such as the Negro Marquina come into play. A combination of dark coloured marble and light is also possible, as long as it fits within your colour scheme.


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