Colour and Material Options For Exterior Balustrades

Balustrades can be very stylish and being made from rust resistant aluminium they will last for decades, while giving your home that feeling of being finished. With a range of capping’s and vertical bars and so many colours to choose from you’ll be able to find the perfect style and colour to suit your home.


Tubular balustrades

Tubular balustrades are a new and quite affordable fencing that looks great around entertaining areas and commercial premises, and is available in wrought iron, aluminium or steel. Every balustrade can be custom made and designed so your fence or gate will look perfect around your home, office or business, rather than something that looks like it has been added as an *after-thought* your new balustrade will look like it belongs, from a brand-new home to an older home, there is a style to suit anyone’s needs and budget. Tubular balustrades are quality made balustrades that suits most sites or layouts, from stairs to balcony’s, patios to fences.

You won’t *know yourself* once a stylish and decorative pool fence is in place, securing your pool and keeping your family and friends safe. For around a pool you have the choice of styles including round, twisted, square balustrades with different vertical bars and capping’s available, add to this your choice of a *rainbow* of colours your new pool fence can either be a feature, or fade into the background. Balustrades for pool fences are durable and long lasting covered in a range of powder coated colours. They are the perfect, safe and secure option for your backyard swimming pool, perimeter fencing or fencing around balconies and patios.


Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel with little maintenance required and its resistance to rust and corrosion stainless steel is a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor pools. Stainless Steel products are manufactured and tested to meet all Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia requirements. These balustrades not only look good, they provide you with peace of mind, family and friends are safe and secure, whether standing on a balcony or walking upstairs these stainless-steel balustrades look good and provide the safety you need.


Glass Balustrades

Glass Balustrades allow you to make the very most of your view. Glass Balustrades are perfect for providing security and safety without robbing you of your views. Glass balustrades can be used around decking areas, patios, balconies, stairways, pathways and around swimming pools. Glass is the best way to keep you and your loved ones safe without loosing any of your view – which is perfect when you want to keep an eye on the kids in the swimming pool. Glass balustrades can be installed with or without a handrail system that is added to the top of the glass panels. Around pools a handrail isn’t recommended as children can use it to help climb over.

Today balustrades come in a range of designs and options to suit anyone’s needs and budget, from semi-framed glass and framed glass to stainless steel. Safety glass is available in clear or tinted in thicknesses from 6mm to 10mm thick. Balustrades are designed to meet your needs and includes 3D drawings to give you a better idea of the finished results.

In Australia we have access to some amazing weather with more and more people choosing to sit outdoors on those nice long warm days, making a veranda or balcony a popular place in your home. Glass balustrades give you safety without loosing any of your view.

Your choice of range, styles and colours is almost endless! From pool fencing that looks simple but provides security, to glass balustrades you don’t *see* but look amazing, they open up an area, add lots of light, but still give you security and safety, with panels made to your requirements including down slopes, raked and curved. It doesn’t matter the style or layout you have in mind, what you envision, can be achieved. From glass and wood to stainless steel, balustrades are fashionable and decorative. From fully welded and powder coated fences in any colour you can imagine to frameless or semi-frameless glass, privacy slats, mesh fencing, pool fencing, balustrades and more. You can have a home that is safe and secure but still looks warm and inviting.


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