Let’s Talk About Portable BBQ’s

Have you ever found the perfect barbecue spot on a camping trip, but you didn’t have your barbecue? We often reserve barbecues for backyards and front porches. Most grills are either too big or too heavy to carry along on a camping trip. Smaller barbecues, on the other hand, are designed for small spaces like balconies but not for portability. Luckily, Weber has been at the forefront of designing portable barbecues and their units are nothing short of amazing. Their portable series in the charcoal range barbecues and the Weber Baby Q series are among the best portable barbecues in the market.


The Portable Barbecue Series

Weber’s portable barbecue series offers old-fashioned charcoal barbecue on the move. This series not only addresses the rich taste of charcoal barbecue but also the convenience of travelling with the grill. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a barbecue steak at the beach, park or picnic, Weber is your best bet. The portable series is a popular selection in Australia due to its convenience. The barbecue perfectly fits in a vehicle and doesn’t eat up a lot of space. With a portable barbecue, you don’t have to fight for barbecue spots anymore. The Weber portable bbq series comes in three different designs:



Weber Go-Anywhere

The Weber Go-Anywhere lives up to its name. The grill can be easily packed and carried anywhere including parks, camping sites, beaches, and picnics. It’s perfect for hibachi style grilling. The barbecue has a lid that acts as a windshield and can be used to smoke meats. The cooking grill is chrome plated and comes with foldable legs for stability. The Weber Go-Anywhere has no rust veins and features a porcelain enamel coating. The portable barbecue comes with a 10-year warranty.


Weber Smokey Joe

If you like the Weber kettle then you will love the Weber Smokey Joe. This is a miniature version of the Weber Kettle and a perfect grill for beach visits, camping and outdoors. If you are few and, on the road, you can enjoy the barbecue experience and easily prepare food for three. Despite its size, the Smokey Joe makes a great barbecue that can introduce you to the famous Weber charcoal flavour. The barbecue has a trimmed finish with glass reinforced nylon handles, chrome plated cooking grill porcelain enamel lid and bowl. The barbecue also comes with an ash catcher.


Weber Jumbo Joe

When it comes to premium portable barbecues, the Weber Jumbo Joe tops the list. The barbecue bears the conspicuous design of Weber’s kettle barbecues. A 47-centimetre cooking grill is housed in the dome-shaped barbecue that features an ash catcher and glass reinforced nylon handles. During a family camping trip, no one wants to run out of cooking space for the meat on the grill. The Jumbo Joe can hold plenty of food but when it’s not in use, it fits easily into a vehicle.


The Weber Baby Q Series

If you are looking for portable barbecues, the Weber Baby Q series is the most compact and most portable gas barbeque on the market. It’s inarguably a favourite selection in many Australian households. The size of the barbecue may fool you, but the Weber Baby Q series can just as easily prepare a feast for up to 6 people in your front porch as it canbe popped in the boot of the car and taken on the road with you.It’s portable and it’s functional, the Baby Q barbecues give you the best of both worlds.

The Baby Q is perfect for a camper trailer or back of the car. The compact size makes it an ideal travel companion. The barbecue features an instant electronic ignition and a high lid that allows for bigger roasts. An in-built thermometer located on the lid allows you to monitor the progress of your cooking. The Baby Q comes with a stainless-steel burner, cast iron cooking grill, and a removable drip tray. The body of the barbecue, which is made from cast aluminium, is durable and has a fine finish. The unit hasa 5-year limited warranty and comes on its own or paired with the Weber Portable Cart.

With the portable barbecue in your car, you can enjoy roasted meat on any barbecue spot in the park, beach or picnic. The right barbecue accessories only enhances your roasting experience. As you pack for camping don’t forget your stainless-steel tool set, a barbecue apron, and barbecue mitts. Tongs and drip pans will also come in handy and you can carry along a meat thermometer. If you are planning for a long stay, a grill brush and an all-purpose barbecue cleaner must feature in your packing list. Finally, don’t forget to carry the meat. A good barbecue is only as good as the meat you roast.