Is Furniture Upholstery Worth It?

Considering furniture occupies a large proportion of any living space it has become the heart of interior design. Go wrong with your upholstery and the whole room might suffer. Upholstery entails providing furniture with padding, springs, webbing and fabric or leather covers. The art of upholstery has a long history that dates back to the 18th-century London. Since its inception, upholstery was considered an important part of the interior design of any living space. Keeping in mind most furniture sets are expensive and semi-permanent, you cannot go wrong with it. Furniture upholstery is a long-term investment but is it worth it?

Furniture upholstery adds on to the comfort of a chair or a sofa. Apart from our beds, we spend the bulk of our time lounging on the sofa or reading a book from a chair. Upholstery involves padding and adding springs to furniture that would otherwise be uncomfortable. When you sit on a sofa, it is meant to feel soft. The paddings are supposed to make you comfortable regardless of your seating position. Padding material includes cotton, polyfoam, and latex foam. Some people want natural upholstery padding which is made from wool. Wool either comes as a dense wool pad or loose wool. Wool pad is ideal for the base padding of a furniture frame. Loose wool is good for filling pillows. Furniture is meant to be comfortable and inviting. This is why upholstery is important.

When it comes to choosing the right furniture for your house, colour is a huge factor to take into consideration. The colour of your sofa must blend in well with your living room wall or floor. Choosing the right colour mix for your home can be tasking and sometimes it’s better to call in experts. The material that covers your furniture is part and parcel of furniture upholstery. Sometimes the natural look of some materials sits in well with most interior designs. This is especially true when you consider leather. On the other hand, fabric has an array of options and if you are daring enough you can go for an unconventional colour mix for your living room or entertainment room. With the right colours, your furniture is bound to bring life to any living space.

The durability of a furniture set is dependent on the material used to build it. From the choice of springs to the type of padding, everything is important when it comes to furniture upholstery. Depending on the use of your furniture set you can go for different materials. If you are planning to have a sofa on the patio, it must be able to withstand the elements. The colour must be one that doesn’t stain easily and the material must be one that washes easily. On the other hand, the living room furniture must be durable and comfortable. Apart from the material used, the process of stitching the fabric and assembling all the parts must be done with expertise for the best results.

Furniture has sentimental value to most homeowners. If you find a vintage sofa in any living room it most likely that it has a rich history. Unfortunately, time takes a toll on furniture regardless of the history it possesses. For as long as seats are sat on, even the toughest material falls victim to wear and tear. Luckily, reupholstering is a process that is becoming popular in Sydney. It is a cheap way of restoring the lost state of your furniture. For furniture that has sentimental value, reupholstering gives you the opportunity to keep your furniture in good condition and preserve its rich history.

Reupholstering is not just for vintage furniture. If your furniture has started looking old and worn out, you can simply reupholster. Furniture is often expensive and replacement can empty your pockets. Reupholstering is a pocket-friendly way to revamp your furniture. The structure of furniture wears out slower than the upholstery. After a meticulous process of re-stitching, replacing springs and adding padding, your worn out furniture can be made new again. Although it is not prudent to judge a book by its cover, in upholstery what you see is what you get. Instead of digging deep into your pockets to purchase brand new furniture, change the upholstery.

Good furniture upholstery is worth every single penny. The best quality material doesn’t come cheaply but it is often durable and cheap in the long run.  Considering furniture is all about comfort, it is prudent to go for the strongest springs and the softest padding. Moreover, colour adds to the tranquility of a room. Warm colours are best suited for relaxing living spaces like living rooms and patios. Furniture upholstery is worth it and that’s not debatable.