Your lounge is the most visible space in your home. It is where guests, friends and family alike will settle while visiting. Therefore, the decor you select and include in this space has to be as pleasing to the eye as it is comfortable to occupy.

Have you heard of the phrase ‘champagne tastes on a beer budget ‘? Well, you can now express your appreciation for a luxurious aesthetic in your lounge without having to break the bank. Here’s how to make your lounge space look luxurious:

Go For Simpler Room Styling

It may sound contrary, but in terms of luxury, less really is more.This approach allows what decor is in the room to stand out. Therefore, interesting individual pieces have a better chance of drawing the eye.

To execute simpler styling, select a few significant pieces of furniture and place them strategically around the room. Articles like a leather sofa can be effective props that you can use to create a chic and elegant aesthetic.

Consider The Size Of Your Artwork

While art of all kinds can have a major impact on a room’s design, the best way to embody elegance and sophistication is by sticking to larger and even oversize pieces. This way, you create both a focal and anchor point with minimal effort.

 Large art pieces do not have to be budget busters. All you need is a little shopping savvy to find reasonably priced canvases. Alternatively, you can also create one of your own.

Explore Different Textures

Pursuing elegance does not mean that you are limited to one-dimensional design solutions. If you apply a little ingenuity while mixing and layering different materials and textures, you will be surprised at the resultant effect. By judiciously putting together aspects like wood, glass, leather and textiles, you may create a unique, pleasing and custom-made aesthetic that will leave everyone who sees it in awe.

Add-In A Sculpture

Sculpture design is not limited to prime examples of the human form or laughing cherubs either. For example, did you know that something as seemingly benign as your coffee table can be a sculptural piece? By selecting a table with interesting lines, shapes and textures, you add both a functional yet pleasing element and an object that creates a little interest to contrast the other forms in the room.

Mix Up The Textiles In The Room

The clever selection of fabrics can also help you create some dimension in the room. For example, you can use vintage textiles to make up cushion covers or purchase an antique rug. In the end, how you choose to use fabric can be a clever method of customising the room.

Camouflage Your Television

You don’t have to settle for having such a large appliance breaking up the flow and elegance of your lounge’s decor. Therefore, you may opt to find little ways to ‘disguise’ your TV. For example, you can place some art pieces around the frame. Alternatively, you may also take advantage of new technology that now offers TV sets that look like wallpaper. This way, you get a way of really blending your television into its surroundings.

Put In A Little History

Adding a piece of decor with a historic element can go a long way toward enhancing the elegance of your interior design. Moreover, such addition will lend an air of timelessness to your lounge aesthetic. Now, with proof that creating a luxurious aesthetic within your lounge does not require truckloads of cash, it is time to use these suggestions to explore different design options. Then, when you have successfully executed your vision, your lounge will surely be the talk of the town.

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