Convert No-Impact Banners to Banners that are Head-turners

As an entrepreneur, you are already aware of the importance of banners in promoting your business. In events, promotions and trade shows, banners are often used for marketing purpose.

Despite their popularity, only a few banners from the thousands out there really make an impact. What are the right ingredients to making the perfect banners? Here are the 6 most important factors that if taken care of, can help you make banners that are sure to turn heads at any event.


1 Dimension

Your banner design should begin by keeping in mind the target audience and venue. A banner that has done well at one event may not be suitable for another. For example, a small-sized banner used inside an office may not be the best choice when planning for use in a huge hall. Therefore, plan the size/dimension of your banner only after you receive details of the venue.


2 Type

Banners can come in many types; banner stands, A-frames, giant overhead displays and rotatable stands, are all available in the market. Selecting the type of banner is an important decision based on your need, venue and target audience. Banner stands are light, retractable and you can place them anywhere you like. Easily portable, banner stands are a popular choice for marketers. They are also cost-effective. Banners can also be hung so that they can be noticed from far. Furthermore, you can choose from single or double-sided banners


3 Colours

Colours play an important role in our lives. Banners should use colours that help build brand identity. Colours of banners and other promotional material should be in sync with the marketing campaign. This will give a professional feel and help build a brand image.


4 Fine details

Design your banner for maximum impact. Take care of readability. Make sure that the font size and type you use is appropriate so that the banner can be read from far. Select the graphics/image carefully. Something that will give an image to your words.


5 Content

Choose few words but words with impact. Words that are geared to derive the required action. The content used in a banner must be given careful thought as once you have the viewer reading the banner, you do not want to lose him. So, the message must be clear, complete and powerful.


6 Logo

Make sure that your banner has your logo. Your logo represents you. It is one of the most important parts of any advertising. It is what connects people to you. Hence, if there is one thing that the viewer needs to remember from seeing your banner, it is your company name, your logo  your identity.

If done right, banners, despite the low cost, can add a lot of value to any business.  They last long and can be used in multiple campaigns. Hence, it is worth it to spend time and effort in making the best banner design displayed in the most successful manner.


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