Choosing the Right Limestone Paver

Are you looking for the perfect finish for your back or front yard pavement? There is a wide range of finishes that are just the right fit. From marble, travertine, and limestone to granite, your dream pavement can become a reality.

However, limestone stands out for a myriad of reasons. Firstly, the gentle shades give the stone a refreshing look wherever it is used. At the same time, the paver has a unique, antique look.

Limestone is easily malleable, making it ideal for shaping whatever tile design you desire. In addition, the soft feel coupled with a relatively firm grip makes the stone appealing.

As you pick out your limestone paver, you must consider all your options. The foremost priority is ensuring the surface to be paved is well prepared. This is to allow the limestone, once installed, to sit in place without getting cracks or damages.

Sealed or unsealed.

As you pick out your favourite limestone paver, you should deliberate on whether you’d like to have the finish covered or unsealed. Limestone has the tremendous upper hand of looking great, whether eroded or fresh.

Some people prefer the natural eroded look of the stone. So the stone is left unsealed, and nature takes its course to craft the final look.

Others prefer when the fresh look of the limestone pavement is retained. Sealing the stone keeps the surface as good as new. Two advantages of sealing limestone are; it’s easier to clean, and maintenance requirements are minimal.

The size and colour matter.

Having a visual image of your overall finish will aid you in choosing the size of paver for your yard. Most limestone pavers are large and shaped as square tiles.

Depending on your provider, creative designs and shapes can be implemented according to your needs and desires.

Even as you choose your tile shapes, be sure to think of the colour you’d best prefer. Then, match your limestone paver colours with other components of your yard to bring out a magnificent flooring finish.

Many may assume that limestone has limited colour options due to its rocky nature.  Contrary to this, there are shades of yellow, blue, white and also grey. These colour finishes come in different hues and tones that are natural to the rock.

What is your desired finish?

It is easy to get engrossed in the whole preparation process when working to install your limestone paver. The amount of work to be done may be overwhelming such that one forgets to think about the finish.

Factor in your desired finish as you plan for your limestone paver installation. Thinking about this beforehand will map out your entire process, therefore, making it easier to know what you need. It simply guides the process as a whole.

Check with your selected firm on what finishes are available for your limestone paver. There is a range of finishes that you can utilize to realize the backyard you desire.

Some limestone pavers have honed finishes, while others have thermally induced finishes. Some come with a tumbled finish. Be sure to find out which style best completes your design. Working with a team that understands what you want will ease off tremendous pressure. A team that works in your best interests will build you the most alluring limestone paver.