Can I Use Marble and Granite for Outdoor Use in My Home

You can use marble and granite in outdoor spaces. The two types of natural stones can stand high foot traffic, which makes them ideal for use as pavers. They give elegance to patios, walkways, pool surrounds, and water features. Also, natural stones are weather resistant and durable.

How do you Effectively Use Marble and Granite Outdoors?

1. Choose the Right Tile

Marble and granite tiles are available in different forms. There are those that are suitable for countertops, flooring, and walls. Flooring marble tiles and granite tiles also have different textures. The best marble tile for pavers is tumbled marble as it is skid resistance. A rough surface will also withstand sharp objects such as shoes; in comparison with a polished marble or granite tile, which is easily damaged. 

You also have to consider the colour of the tile. Outdoor space such as a paver does not require bright coloured tiles since they experience high foot traffic. However, you have numerous colour options to lay on your outdoor spaces.

The size of the tile also determines the final look of the outdoor space. Large tiles make the area appear larger while small tiles create a cosy look. 

2. Repair and Maintenance

When proper maintenance is done on marble and granite, it maintains its elegant look. The two types of tiles do not need aggressive cleaning. Clean them with a piece of cloth with soap and water only. If there are stains resulting from exposure to harsh weather, mix water with baking soda to form a paste. Scrub the stains gently until they come off.

How to Use Marble and Granite Outdoors

Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

If you have an outdoor kitchen, you can install marble or granite countertops in the kitchen. They are easy to clean and also look good in the kitchen. Use a sealant regularly on the tiles to prevent stains from sipping through the tiles. The tiles withstand hot pots, sharp knives, and any other object that may be dropped on them. 

Swimming Pool Decks

Marble being a metamorphic rock is naturally cool. Therefore, when installed in a swimming pool deck, it will be cool to the feet and not get hot when the temperatures are high. Marble pavers do not collect dust or dirt that causes allergies. Besides, it is easy to clean as you need mild soap and a piece of cloth with water.


Use marble tiles to accent a wall. Granite tiles look good on your exterior house walls or the walls of your flower garden. 

Outdoor Kitchen Flooring

Both marble and granite can be used on the flooring of an outdoor kitchen. Other than making your kitchen look elegant, the natural stones do not readily absorb stains such as oil easily. They clean easily and quickly as a mop can do the job in a short time. When you use granite and marble on a kitchen floor and the countertops, the kitchen looks expensive and classy.  Both granite and marble floor tiles on outdoor spaces without worry. Marble withstands human traffic as it is a durable natural stone. The fact that it is also easy to clean makes it the ideal tile to use on outdoor kitchen flooring and countertops.

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