Best Swimming Pool Ideas for Small Yards

For many Australians it can difficult to get a sizeable pool in their backyard without parting with a small fortune. While many families shelved the blue prints to their dream mansions years ago, some are hard at work modifying and adjusting their plans. The swimming pool and lush lawns are usually the first to go when your savings can only buy half the land you thought it would. However, in response to the land dilemma, several designers have found smart ways to squeeze a pool into a small yard. Here are some tips to help you do the same.


Do Not DIY

In this age of high speed internet, YouTube tutorials and Pinterest, you may be tempted to download a few pictures and plans of epic pools built in small spaces and get to work. However, although the pool is smaller, it doesn’t mean the work is easier.

When building in small spaces, there is very little room for error. Moreover, the pool design needs to be modified in order to fit in physically and aesthetically with its new surroundings. Even if you have some experience building things with your own hands, it is best to call in a professional or have one on speed dial in case you have a question.


Plunge Pool

When you have limited space, there are certain luxuries you may have to forfeit. You may not have enough room to run and dive into your pool but don’t let that stop you.  You can still build a plunge pool right next to your porch. A plunge pool is deep but not very wide. It allows you to enjoy the refreshing effect of taking a dip on a hot summer day but saves you from the hassle of cleaning a large pool. Plunge pools are typically round and can accommodate a few friends or family members at a time. If you have some extra money you can add in some features like jets streams and LED lights for a spa effect.


Lap Pool

If you are an avid swimmer and need a pool for your daily work out, then you can use a narrow slice along your wall to make a long lap pool. The width will depend on how much space you have available but you should be able to fit in one or two training lanes beside your house. Try to pick the side that gets the most sun because lap pools may get shadowed in by your house and the perimeter wall.


Above Ground Space Saver Pool

If you are looking for an affordable way to keep your kids busy on a warm day, then you may consider installing a fibre glass space saver pool. These come as complete compact kits and don’t need any excavation. This means that you can have it installed long after you finished building your house. Moreover, it is your best choice for a rental property because it’s not intrusive and you can take it with you when you move.

If you thought you could never fit a pool into the small slice of Australia you own then think again. Small pools have lots of advantages such as easy cleaning, affordable heating and water conservation. There are now several innovative alternatives to enhance your home with a water feature that you can enjoy all summer.


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