All there is to know about underground water tanks

In this age of strict water regulations, a water tank has become a necessary home addition. Underground water tanks offer a reliable solution for storing rainwater for domestic use. Unlike above-ground water tanks, underground tanks don’t take up useful space. They are a great installation that maximizes on your space while minimizing water bills. Underground water tanks come in different sizes ranging from the 3,800-litre tank to the 11,500-litre tank. The option of interconnecting the tanks gives an unlimited possibility to the holding capacity of the tanks.

The 3,800-litre tank is fit for areas with rocky terrain. Since it requires minimal excavation, the tank can conveniently lie in a shallow hole. In addition to the low excavation cost, the tank is relatively affordable. The 6,100-litre tank is the most popular underground tank suited for a wide range of geographical profiles. It offers a good balance between size and capacity. It is an economical water storage solution. If you need a larger capacity to see you through long dry seasons, the 10,000-litre tank and the 11,500-litre underground water tank are the best solutions. These tanks come in handy where council water supply is unreliable.

Properly concealed under the earth, underground water tanks preserve the aesthetic value of your outdoor space. Above ground water tanks often stand out as an eyesore. More than take up useful space, they destroy the appeal of your exterior design by interrupting your landscaping. This explains their placement at the concealed back of the house. On the other hand, underground water tanks are out of sight and out of your way. They provide room to explore exterior designs with home gardens and other beautiful landscapes. Only the hatch is accessible above the ground.

Bush fires, storms and other natural disasters cause hefty property damage and water tanks are rarely spared. However, unlike above-ground water tanks, underground tanks are safely buried in the ground away from the elements. They are safe from bushfires and storms. The tanks are also reinforced to withstand forces from tremors and other disturbances. Underground tanks are customized to take on a lot of pressure. The lid is sealed during manufacture and the outlets and inlets are cast in the tank. Moreover, the design of underground water tanks meets all construction and safety standards defined for underground structures.

Underground water tanks increase the value on a property. A steady supply of water makes a living space attractive for tenants and buyers. The addition of the water tank gives you an edge in the property market. An investment in an underground water tank is a sound investment. If you are considering getting one, do not hesitate. The tank has a large capacity, a long lifespan and a covert look. What’s there not to like? Get in touch with the right underground water tank engineers and secure a steady supply of water.


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