Why Adelaide Loves Mobile Car Detailing

Residents of South Australia don’t have to drive to a car washing station anymore, the carwash can now come to them. Mobile car detailing is currently a popular service across Australia due to its many pros. Car owners prefer to have their cars detailed from mobile trucks rather than drive to a car wash cafe. Although many clients were sceptical at first, mobile car detailing has proved to be good, if not better than traditional car washing. It is a contemporary solution designed to serve a contemporary population. Mobile car detailing is especially popular in Adelaide,here is why.

Quality service

Considering the business model employed by car detailers, one would assume the quality of the service would be compromised. The business model relies on moving around with the least amount of cleaning products and a limited amount of water to serve clients on the move. However, the services rendered are exceptionally good. Using a mobile car detailer is just as good as driving to the car washing station and getting your car detailed. Mobile car detailing covers a wide range of services.

·         Custom detail

This includes a high-pressure rinse of the exterior, shampooing and wiping the door jambs. It also covers interior vacuuming, window cleaning and deodorising the interior. For an extra charge, exterior polishing can be done.

·         Interior detail

The interior of a car is the most difficult section to clean. It is delicate and requires particular cleaning solutions to remove dirt. Mobile car detailers vacuum seats and carpets, clean interior door panels, door jambs, roof lining spot, ashtrays and deodorise the interior. The final result is a spotless interior with an appealing scent that makes your drive enjoyable.

·         Full detail

A full detail covers all corners of your car. The detailers spend hours looking for dirt and cleaning it out. A full detail comes in handy when you want to sell our car or use it for a special occasion. The restoration achieved after a full detail is unparalleled.

full car detail

·         Other services

Despite the limitations of mobile car detailers, they still offer several unique services that include; headlight restoration, odour removal, paint correction and paint protection.


The business model of mobile car detailing is centredon its accessibility. A client can enjoy car detailing services at the comfort of their home or office after a simple call. Mobile car detailers come to where the client is and execute the service ordered. The detailing trucks are fully-equipped with all the necessary tools and products to deliver quality service. A water tank sits at the back of the truck to ensure there is enough supply to do the job. The truck comes with car detailers who are experts at what they do. Moreover, the trucks are rigged with cutting edge technology that takes car detailing to a whole new level.

Great value for money

The cost of a service is only deemed expensive if it doesn’t give value for the rates offered. Mobile car detailing is evidently more expensive than traditional car wash services. However, if you consider all the cost drivers it is cheaper. To receive service in a car wash station you have to drive there. Consequently, you must spare your valuable time and also spend a bit of fuel to get to the service provider. Moreover, you may spend minutes to hours waiting on your car to be detailed. On the other hand, a mobile car detailer comes to you. Therefore, you save both time and fuel. Moreover, you don’t need to interrupt your activities to wait for your car to be detailed. You can continue working in your office or enjoying your homestay as your car gets detailed. Enjoying all of these benefits for a few extra coins is a good deal.

Environmentally friendly

Water wastage is a global environmental problem. Mobile car detailing plays a role in water conservation by greatly reducing water wastage and facilitating re-usage. Eco-friendly mobile car detailers use steam. Therefore only a tenth of the water used in traditional car washes is put to use. Moreover, the trucks can reclaim and re-use water reducing water flowing into the drains. Moreover, the cleaning products used by mobile car detailers are eco-friendly.

In Adelaide, getting mobile car detailing services is simple. You simply call and book for an appointment. The detailers will find a convenient time to show up at the location you have picked with all the necessary equipment. Your appointment will indicate the package you have ordered and the detailers will quickly get to their job. Since time is of the essence, mobile car detailers are punctual, quick and thorough. You can have your car cleaned as you stop for a meeting or go in for an appointment. Mobile car detailing is the new way to have your car cleaned.