Which One Should You Choose: Gas BBQ or Charcoal BBQ?

Should meat lovers use a gas BBQ or a charcoal BBQ when grilling meat? This particular argument has raged on for generations and it’s a question that has been asked far more times than the “chicken or egg” quandary. It’s a passionate war pitting charcoal advocates and gas hotheads that has burned just as brightly as the debate between PC and console gamers.

And the fact is there really is no concrete answer for this as it all depends on preference and priorities, and taste against convenience. Nevertheless, let’s sit down and discuss several elements when deciding between these two popular pieces of grilling equipment.


1) Speed and Convenience

In discussing convenience, one point you should bear in mind is the more convenient a gas BBQ grill is, the less smoky flavour it can help produce. Gas grills are easy to use, and can heat up and cool down fairly quickly. In contrast, a charcoal BBQ grill can take as long as 40 minutes to really heat up enough to produce those cinders that are essential to grilling juicy, smoky hamburgers, steaks and sausages.

And so, you need to think about what it is you really prefer — the traditional smoky flavour of a BBQ or do you want to chow down right away. If you fancy mowing down a few steaks after a long and hectic day at work, without hassle or delay, then a gas BBQ is ideal for you.


2) Control

If you want pinpoint control over the heat when grilling meat, a gas BBQ has heat controls that can be accurately adjusted at a moment’s notice. It’s fuss-free as well as all you need to do is find the dial, turn it to your desired temperature and you are good to go. The heat of a charcoal BBQ can be modified as well but you really to be hands-on with it, taking time to spread the coals out to evenly cook the meat or gather them all in an area that needs more heat. Some might say that grilling meat with the use of charcoal is an art form that needs years of practice and experience.


3) Flavour

Charcoal grills usually deliver a better sear compared to gas BBQ grills since they generate a lot more infrared heat. Additionally, charcoal also produces more smoke, which in turn, gives your meat a broad range of appetising flavours. However, gas BBQs have a very convincing argument as research indicates that 90% of the best and most luxurious steakhouse grills in the entire world utilizes gas BBQs to grill their prime beef. Why so, you ask? The primary reason why they go for a gas BBQ grill is that the dark sear that these grilling institutions want can only be attained with the high heat that gas BBQs deliver.


4) Safety

Whether you are grilling with either a gas BBQ or a charcoal BBQ grill, you should always have appropriate first aid tools prepared and on hand. In addition, you must have a fire extinguisher ready as well especially if you are using a charcoal grill, which holds a higher fire risk because coals and sparks can easily escape the grill.


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