Paint your Shed This Winter for a Simple Backyard Facelift

Most homeowners have relegated garden sheds to being just a functional feature of their backyards. For others, it goes beyond just storing the clutter, to actually becoming part of the clutter. But who said your shed cannot be more than just that generic outcrop in your backyard? Garden sheds can really go a long way in shaping the landscape in your compound, either by blending into the surrounding, or standing out in order to add some character to your space. This is particularly true during wintertime, when gloom can really shroud the beauty of your garden or backyard. So, whether it’s an old shed that needs a new lease of life, or a new shed that needs just a little help fitting into your space, painting is just one of the many ways to impart that much needed facelift to your backyard this coming winter.

Not only does painting make your shed more aesthetically appealing, it also goes a very long way in protecting your shed from the harsh winter elements. Whether your shed is wooden or made of iron corrugated sheets, the cold and snow can really leave your shed looking run down by the end of winter, forcing you to do extensive repairs or just replace the whole shed. Painting, especially with the right kind of paints, can really help protect your shed from degradation by the extreme weather elements during the winter.

However, if you are looking to paint your shed, it would be best if you did it right. Painting goes beyond randomly running a paint brush back and forth on your walls. Without the right paint, tools, and method, you are bound to end up with a result that’s worse than what you had to begin with. A shoddy job is bound to farther mar your backyard rather than improve it. Therefore, ample research, whether online or through referencing your preferred shed and paint experts, is oftentimes the best place to start. From these sources, you can glean information such as what kind of paint would be best for your needs, how to properly apply it, and ways to make the job easier so that you can finish it in as short a time as possible.

When thinking of painting, it is of utmost importance to properly prepare your shed for painting, even before touching a brush. This is particularly important when it comes to old sheds. You must ensure that your shed is structurally sound and devoid of cracks and holes. Any defects must be filled using the correct filling agent. You also ought to apply a sealant in gaps to prevent water and snow from percolating into the building structure and subsequently damaging it. Any mould or debris should be properly washed off, and any old paint must be sanded off before a new coat is applied.

The next step is to apply the right type of primer, as advised by your paint specialist. Primers do not only help protect your shed from the elements, but also makes it easier to apply the paint more evenly. You should also be sure to get the right tools. While most homeowners will make use of an old brush, this might not be the fastest way to get the job done. Investing in a spray pump or a power sprayer can allow for the job to be done up to ten times faster. However, if these tools cannot be made available, do not fret; your brush can do just as good a job when applied the right way.

When the primer dries, you can now finally get to painting. Painting is fairly simple as all you have to do is maintain the same pattern of painting with every new layer of paint that you apply. Most people paint up to three layers on each wall. If you wish to add some style to your shed, you could paint multiple colour blocks by using a sheet of paper and masking tape to cover the portion of wall that is not being painted that colour. You can even add some simple art to your walls to make them pop even more, using a large stencil.

If you follow these guidelines, then you are sure to have your shed looking beautiful in time for winter. It is worth remembering that it is best to paint your walls during dry weather, when the temperatures above 5°C. However, if you feel you might not be able to properly paint your shed, do not hesitate to call a professional to do it for you; it could be the difference between a drab shed, and one that keeps your backyard looking beautiful throughout winter.


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