Managing a Body Corporate for a Better Strata

Strata communities have become the norm in residential areas everywhere. They are established to serve diverse groups of people from different walks of life, with differing backgrounds, ethnicities, ages and even temperaments. Strata communities now encompass all significant areas in most parts of the country and cover everything from those living in apartment buildings to suburban residents and even business park owners. Each strata is governed by a body corporate that is made up of the owners of single units within the strata. To streamline the structure further, the body corporate will then be maintained and overseen by a committee that will often perform the tasks of managing the body corporate, and in turn, the strata as a whole, usually with the help of a strata manager.

Managing a body corporate can entail a host of tasks and responsibilities that are tailored to enhance the efficacy of the strata while maintaining the standard of living that is to be expected in the strata in question. The process of management must be undertaken with a keen sense of duty and an uncompromising drive to achieve the best results one can at every turn.

While a committee is not always appointed, and even when one is in place, it does serve to have a further delegation of tasks. This helps to mitigate any problems that might arise from disagreements within the committee that cannot be solved immediately, or that may require q the presence of a mediator. This delegation then falls to the strata manager to fulfil. In most cases, the brief is to perform the duties of the body corporate with all corresponding powers attached as well.

What do these duties mandate?

The duties of a body corporate, and in turn, the strata manager, will first and foremost be agreed upon once the body corporate is in place. They should be geared towards making certain that the needs of the strata community will be met at all times. Agreeing to the list of tasks then demands prioritisation and effective execution.

Some of the tasks that are carried out by the strata manager include:

  • Implementing the by-laws of the community and seeing to it that all members do the same.
  • Overseeing the upkeep of the shared spaces within the community.
  • Overseeing and managing the finances of the body corporate, including the collection of fees at the appointed times.
  • Keeping appropriate records on all aspects of the body corporate, from meeting minutes to accounting and maintenance records.

Is your Body Corporate Well Managed?

If your body corporate has all its moving parts working seamlessly in tandem, then these results will show in the overall state of the strata community. You should keep an eye on your surroundings and take note of the goings-on within your community to take stock and to gauge the health of your body corporate. Swift action must be taken to make corrections where it is observed that they are needed so that no problems or issues become unmanageable.

On matters to do with strata management services, you should make use of all resources available to you through the hiring of a competent strata manager to aid in the running of the body corporate. This is the best way to give your strata community every chance at long-term success.