List of Devices You Need to Build a Smart Home


The ‘smart home’ is now a popular topic among many homeowners and tech-savvy individuals, and for the right reasons. And if you are just starting to join the conversations, well it’s never too late to hop in and discover the buzz that comes with the technology. Simply put, the concept of smart home is linked to automation and control, whether in the form of entertainment, security of doing your everyday tasks at home. In fact, with an emerging industry for smart home, you can automate any part or aspect of your home depending on your needs and lifestyle.

So how do you experience a smart home, and how can you make that big shift from a traditional home to one that’s automated and smart? Well, it starts with the selection and use of popular smart devices that can automate some of the tasks at home, from security to entertainment. Here, we list down some of the popular smart devices that you can get to build a smart home, today.

How about smart doorbell for your home?

Smart things start as soon as you enter your living space. And it can be done by a smart doorbell, an internet-connected unit that notifies the mobile phone of the homeowner in case a guest arrives at the front door. There are a number of brands now competing for attention, but Nest Hello manages to out-smart the other contenders. As one of the best smart doorbells in the market, Nest Hello comes with an optional facial recognition feature, and integrates with Google Home speakers and Nest Cam IQ. And if you have invested into the Google smart home ecosystem, this smart doorbell is a great option.

Monitor who’s outside with a smart outdoor security camera

Even if you are inside your home you still want to to take full control of your surroundings, and discover who’s outside. To do this, you may need a smart outdoor security camera that can help you monitor the activities in a smart way. A popular option available for homeowners is Netgear Arlo Pro, a smart camera that allows you to monitor the activities indoor and outdoor using just one camera. With this security camera, you get to capture activities and store it on a cloud, which you can use for free for 7 days. Also, it comes with a rechargeable battery that when fully charged, can lasts for 6 months!

Control the light, create a scene with smart switches

Compared to your regular light switches, the smart switches are connected to a Wi-Fi network, and allows you to control the lights even if you are not at home. A popular option available for customers right now is Lutron Caseta In-Wall Wireless Smart Lighting Kit which works best if you have Alexa or Apple’s Home Kit. This smart switch is easy to use, and comes with scene management, geo-fencing and a security mode that will allow you to show that people are at home even if you are not.

Stream music and ask for questions along the way with smart speakers

For many individuals, the traditional speakers are no longer relevant in the age of Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to Google Assistant and Alexa from Amazon, speakers have become smart and well-rounded assistants as well. Aside from streaming sounds, these smart speakers are known to perform number of tasks, connect to the internet and work with streaming services like Pandora, YouTube and Spotify. Two leading AIs are competing for consumer attention- Google Assistant and Alexa. For those looking for an entry-level yet competent desktop speaker, then the Google Home Mini is recommended. For a full-featured smart speaker, the ones with Alexa like the 2017 version of Amazon Echo is a smart choice.

Live in color with smart bulbs

Bulbs are reliable sources of illumination in different parts of the house. But if you think that bulbs are still boring, well think again. Today, smart homes are known fitted with smart bulbs which have the capability to change its color to suit your needs, lifestyle and personal wants. The great thing about these smart bulbs is that they are versatile and can perform a number of tasks- they dim, can be controlled anywhere and can change colors. Lifx Mini is a popular smart bulb available in the market which is loaded with colors and features.

This is just a shortlist of the top smart devices that you can add to your home. At the end of the day, the choice of smart devices for your smart home will depend on your lifestyle and priorities. Are you the type of person who prioritizes security, or you prefer to put a premium on your entertainment requirements? The choice of smart devices eventually depends on how you answer the question.