How to Dress for an Interview

What you wear in an interview creates an image of the kind of person you are. Hence it is important to wear the attire that will help you become the right candidate. Although you do not really need to spend a lot of money, putting on a little bit of effort for your wardrobe will definitely pay off in the long run. Before you are up for your next interview, make sure that you know exactly what to wear during that day.

Here are 8 ways you can dress to achieve a positive impact:

  • Your attire should totally depend on the industry in which the company is part of, though you have to take into consideration both time of the year and geographic location.
  • Surf online and research the company, so you will be able to determine the outfit suitable for your upcoming interview.
  • If you are unsure, you can always call the Human Resource (HR) department and ask what the recommended attire would be.
  • Sometimes, it is best to wear something that is a bit overdressed, rather than resorting for the attire that looks too casual.
  • You can very well ask for assistance from some of the biggest department stores in your area. They actually have an idea about what to wear during these times.
  • Once you know exactly what to wear, make sure it is cleaned and well-pressed.
  • As much as possible, veer away from any cologne or perfume. The last thing you would want is distracting the interviewee with your scent.
  • Be it a piece of jewelry, makeup (for women), or what have you, make sure it is appropriate and fits perfectly with the company/job/industry.

Why This is Important

Imagine this: A man wears a black suit in the middle of the day and goes straight to a construction company. Apparently, he is scheduled for an interview for a position as a construction worker. While his suit looks great, it is absolutely not appropriate. The manager might even think that this guy is lost or something. What he wears is not consistent to the company and the position he is applying for, let alone the location and time of the year. And remember: In an interview, you need to put your best foot forward as you can only make an impression once. You really have to nail it.

Although what you wear does not necessarily determine your success, it shows the interviewer that you are serious and professional. He will have a lasting impression that you always dress for the occasion. Well, this is where the old saying “Perception is reality” comes in.


What Not to Wear During the Interview

Now that you understood the importance of wearing the right attire, as well as tips on which outfit to use, it is time to step up the game. Below are things that you should not wear to a job interview.


No matter how you try to look good and formal, your headphones should not be worn to an interview. Sure, you may bring them as you listen to music on your way to the office. But as soon as you enter the building, remove them. Otherwise, you will risk your chances of landing a job position.

Avoid Casual

Yes, as much as possible, avoid wearing anything casual. Keep in mind that companies give so much importance when it comes to professionalism. Tailored khakis and a white polo shirt will not cut it down. Wear a suit instead.

Don’t Overdo Makeup

Women are always conscious about their looks. While a makeup could serve its purpose, it should not be worn heavily. In fact, it would be best to look natural. If not, you can at least wear a light coat of mascara, some tinted lip balm, and a touch of powder. This should do the trick.

Minimise Bringing Accessories

It is important that you keep your accessories to a minimum. For women, avoid wearing too many pieces of jewelry and opt for the traditional studs instead. As for men, do not wear accessories that would make you look like you are part of a gang or something. Regardless of whatever you choose to wear, remember always that it is all about looking good and professional.