Home Staging Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Home Fast

When selling a house, proper staging is necessary. Home staging presents your house in its best light to capture the interest of a potential buyer.

If home staging is done well, selling will be quick. Unfortunately, staging is not as simple as it sounds. There are plenty of mistakes made by homeowners and stylists that compromise their efforts to sell. Here are a few home staging tips and tricks to sell your home fast.

Not all rooms need staging.

When it comes to home staging, focus on rooms that weigh heavily on a buyer’s decision. Don’t waste time on rooms that won’t increase your chances of selling.

Rooms that hold the most value to buyers are the kitchen, living room and master bedroom. The kitchen is the heart of every home, and buyers are keen on the finishes and the fittings. As for the living room, it’s the first room that greets your eyes when you enter a house. Moreover, it’s the space that hosts guests. Therefore, buyers show great interest in the aesthetic appeal of the space.

The master bedroom is of particular interest to many buyers because it will probably be their room. Therefore, you have to maximise all property styling and staging efforts in the space.

Other rooms like the children’s bedrooms, the guest bedroom, and bathrooms don’t get much attention. You only need to make them presentable.

Space sells

Decluttering goes a long way in selling a home. Clearing out unnecessary items makes a space look bigger and leaves room for styling.

Decluttering means keeping things simple. Only leave functional items in a place and use minimal fittings for styling. Moreover, organise your storage spaces. Some buyers like checking closets and drawers to assess the storage capacity.

When you keep your house spacious, you leave room for imagination. Buyers are likely to see themselves in the space without much effort. Moreover, a decluttered space also has a unique appeal.


Home staging is done with the buyer in mind, not you. Therefore it’s paramount to leave out your taste and preferences in the staging process.

Don’t use any personal artifacts in the space. For example, avoid hanging family photos and intimate portraits. Moreover, store away private collections.

Stick to neutral colours

When it comes to colour design for the home, go for neutral colours. Bright colours are great for personal expression, but they may turn away buyers.

Therefore, if you have bold accent walls, it would be prudent to paint neutral colours over them. Neutral colours leave room for imagination. If a buyer wants to paint accent walls and use bright colours, the option is still available after purchase.

Clean up

If you are trying to sell a home, it’s important to tidy up. A dirty space is a great turn off and draws the wrong attention. Therefore, before opening up your home for viewing, ensure the area is spick and span.

Hiring professional home cleaning services is an excellent idea if you have a big space or don’t have the time to clean yourself.

Once you are done with the thorough cleaning, you can schedule routine cleaning days between viewing to keep the house neat.

Consult a stylist

Home staging involves laying out furniture, choosing the appropriate carpets and curtains, fitting subtle accessories and presenting an appealing theme in the staged spaces. This may be a lot of work for an untrained eye. Therefore, hiring a stylist or interior designer may be a necessary investment.

An interior designer will handle all the property styling and make your house ready for viewing. Moreover, interior designers are conversant with the trending styles that drive sales in the property market. Therefore, their input may be what you need to sell your house fast.

Your house is bound to sell fast if staging is done well. So, don’t compromise.

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