Fitness Options in Sydney

Staying fit should be one of our life goals as we are less prone to medical conditions when we are both mentally and physically healthy. In most cases, mental fitness can be achieved by a lifestyle with sufficient rest, a healthy diet and regular exercise. Not only will physical fitness help you stay attractive by keeping your optimum body weight, you will also suffer less likely from cardiac diseases and other health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Being mentally and physically strong can also help you to handle stress better in your professional and personal life.

fitness can start with treating your body well by eating healthy and staying away from alcohol and cigarettes as well as spending more time in the fresh air and engaging more in activities like biking, swimming or hiking to challenge your heart and lungs. If you are more of a person who doesn’t like to exercise alone and concentrate to work on muscles, bones and joints a little more than taking part in the usual outdoor activities, Sydney holds many fitness options for you to stay physically healthy by sports that will increase your cardio strength, bone density and help you stay flexible and coordinated to enjoy the quality of life.

Taking a regular fitness classes can also be less time-consuming than outdoor activity as trainers will put a lot of exercise into a small timeframe hence it is even possible to work out for the busiest amongst us and keep an eye on our health. If you like to enrol in a group activity to stick to your commitments due to social support, we have put together some of the great fitness options Sydney has to offer.


#Calisthenics Classes

These advanced bodyweight training classes use almost no gym equipment to gain lean muscle mass, boost flexibility and gain endurance for stronger joints. Instead, the sport is an actual workout of high-intensity movements such as jumping jacks, burpees and push-ups for intense power.


#Boxing Training

At Boxing Clubs Sydney you will not only get to know the models and celebrities favourite sports but learn all about this way of extreme cardio workout. You will soon understand that boxing is not all about fighting but concentration, balance, endurance and muscle build-up. In one session you can even burn up to 1.000 calories.


#Soft Sand Fitness

Doing workout in the sand is not only gentle on your joints but will actually make your muscles work harder due to the unstable surface of the outdoor gym. Especially athletes who are training for sprints will use sand for practising as it is harder to run which makes them faster on the track.


#Aerial Yoga

We all know that traditional Yoga is good for the mind but the activity also helps us to build our flexibility. Aerial Yoga brings a new athletic twist to the exercise by using an anti-gravity hammock to improve our poses off the ground, which is especially good for people with osteoarthritis conditions.


#Fitness Trampoline

The great thing about rebound classes is that you don’t even realize you’re exercising. Unlike running, bouncing on a trampoline provides you with an energetic full-body workout that does not put stress on your knees and ankles. This sport increases your balance and coordination while you burn a lot of calories.


#Orange Theory Fitness

This 60-minute result-driven fitness class will have you burn endless calories by using the rowing machine, treadmill or weights to improve your cardiovascular health and strength while having your heart rate and calories monitored. The workout is designed to get the best results in your heart rate to stimulate metabolism and increase energy.

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