Feather Flags vs. Bunting Flags

Whether you’re preparing to market your brand at an expo, sell your products at a market, or host a race or sporting event, you’re going to need visibility to draw participants over to you. Both bunting flags and Bali flags (also known as feather flags) each offers different benefits for drawing attention to your booth or a specific area of your event. Choosing the right flag can make all the difference in gaining people’s attention, sharing your message, and attracting the exact type of people you are looking for. Here we’ll walk you through the best uses for both the bunting and Bali flag, so you can determine what will be most effective for your needs at your next event.


Bunting Flags

Bunting flags have been around since medieval times when they were commonly used in ceremonies and fairs. Nowadays, they’re found at just about any trade fair, expo, or outdoor event you might attend. Their primary use is aesthetic—they’re meant to grab your attention and make you take a closer look at the booth sitting underneath the flags—however, they can be used to promote and advertise products or services as well.

Bunting flags come in a variety of shapes and sizes (triangular and rectangular are common but custom shapes are also widely available) and are typically printed on both sides. They are hung between two poles and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use (because the flags hang freely and do not have much surface area there is not a risk of the wind blowing them down).

Bunting flags can typically be ordered with single or multiple alternating designs, making them great for sharing quick snapshots of your brand or product. For example, if you are marketing a new car, you might devote one flag to an image of the car, one flag to the brand of the car, and one flag to the motto of that model or the brand overall. You might also use a different colour for each of the flag designs, so they create an eye-catching pattern when repeated across the room.

While bunting flags are great for drawing attention, they are somewhat limited by their size. Advertisements with small fonts are difficult to read on bunting flags and even larger logos are difficult to see from far away on such a small face. That said, they are a great attention-grabber and especially when combined with other flags, banners, or other displays with larger areas for advertising.


Bali Flags

Bali flags, sometimes also called feather flags, are another great option for advertising your company, product, or station at an expo, market, or another event. Bali flags are a long fabric strip attached to a tall pole that curves over at the end like a bird’s feather. They are similar to teardrop flags, but actually, give you a bit of extra space to work with because they don’t taper off along the bottom of the flag. Bali flags are a great advertising tool, as they are eye-catching and can accommodate a larger logo or advertisement in full-colour print. The printing can typically be single or double-sided depending on your needs and the area where they will be displayed.

Bali flags are great for outdoor use due to their wind resistance and portability. Because their stand rotates, they can move with the wind, keeping the flag from blowing over and ensuring your logo is visible from all angles. Many flags are printed on a UV-resistant material to prevent the colour and writing from fading in the sun, so they will last a long time outdoors.

Bali flags are easy to set up as well—you simply set up affix the pole into the base and attach the banner. Typically these come with options for the base—common options include a cross base that simply sits on the floor, a spike base that can be driven into the ground in an outdoor setting (and will help with stability in windy conditions), or a wall mount. Bali flags typically come in a variety of sizes for use in a wide range of settings.

Bali flags are one of the most widely used flags for advertising, and it’s understandable as they are so versatile. You might place a Bali flag along a bicycle or running race to warn participants when a water station is coming up. You could also mount Bali flags on either side of the front door of your business to advertise your products or services—because they are at eye-level to people walking or driving on the street they are more likely to see it than a sign above the door. Bali flags are also a perfect option to use at an expo, as they let attendees know from afar what you are there to represent.