All about Wood Fireplaces

A significant number of Australian homes have been using wood fireplaces, which now has the best of both worlds: the mesmerizing beauty of a natural fire and innovative wood burning technology. Most modern wood fireplaces produce efficient heat and have very little ash emission because they use the cleanest and most efficient wood burning products.

What are the advantages of wood fireplaces?

Installing wood fireplaces is an excellent investment because you are able to reduce your environmental impact and your heating bills.  Here are its other advantages:

Environmentally friendly

Since wood is a renewable and sustainable resource, having a fireplace that uses wood as fuel is an environmentally friendly initiative. It will leave no carbon footprint. Since we are all encouraged to be environmentally conscious and use less fossil-fuelled energy, wood is a responsible fuel choice.  Most power companies use fossil fuels that harm the environment.


Enhanced Design

There is really nothing like the look of a classic hearth and mantel.  A fireplace is a great focal point from an interior design perspective.


Energy Independence

Many homes are veering away from their dependence on utility companies as their source of energy.  Many people are using solar energy, and having a wood fireplace is another excellent way to have an independent energy source.


Energy Efficiency

Most fireplace models are designed for higher energy efficiency.  Some fireplaces have a dual combustion system and improved venting systems that prevent heat from quickly escaping.  Fireplace inserts are highly efficient because they distribute heat evenly and have low emissions.


Cost Reduction

Because electricity costs are getting higher, many households are turning to fireplaces to warm their homes. It is less expensive because firewood costs less than heating your home using utilities.

What makes an excellent wood fireplace?

What are the things that you should look for in wood fireplaces?

  1. Safety
  2. Efficiency
  3. Advanced Engineering technology
  4. Australian-Standards Approval
  5. Customised for every home

How do you safely and responsibly use a wood fireplace?

Burn only firewood

You cannot burn construction scraps, lumber, and painted or treated wood because it releases certain chemicals that would compromise the quality of the air in your home.


Burn only dry, cured wood

Dry, cured wood are essentially logs that have been split, stored dry, and stacked for 8-12 months.


Install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your home


Have a professional inspect, clean, and test your fireplace

While it is possible for homeowners to clean their own chimneys and fireplaces, they might not be able to detect all potential problems. Potential problems include creosote build-up or chimney debris.


Prevent hot embers from getting out by using a fireplace guard

Most fireplace guards are made from a metal-mesh screen or glass-made.


Wood fireplaces have always been a beloved and pleasurable part of any home, where friends and family gather around, providing warmth and cheer. Because of innovative technology, now you can have the ambience and cosiness of a wood fireplace without all the hassle.